Chatroom History
March 11, 2019 2:00pm - 4:32pm

Dial: Go Meta Go. (2:02pm)
Metaskeptik: Hey Due=de (2:03pm)
Dial: How were things when you got there this week? (2:06pm)
Metaskeptik: to the studio/ (2:07pm)
Metaskeptik: ? (2:07pm)
Metaskeptik: Sub mixer was all up (2:07pm)
Metaskeptik: mics working (2:07pm)
Metaskeptik: ok i guess (2:07pm)
Dial: Well sounds good. (2:11pm)
Dial: Wish I could be at the meeting tonight (2:12pm)
Dial: Live Primus is great. Were you there? (2:16pm)
Metaskeptik: Yeah (2:31pm)
Metaskeptik: Blew my mind (2:31pm)
Dial: Awesome (2:35pm)
Dial: Izzy definitely kept a diary on the subject! (2:53pm)
Metaskeptik: Izzy? (3:01pm)
Dial: Oops. Ozzy. Not so good at the one hand tying sometimes (3:13pm)
Metaskeptik: Oh, yeah, hah (3:16pm)
Metaskeptik: Crazy Train (3:16pm)
Metaskeptik: literally (3:16pm)
Dial: Somehow keeps kicking. Gotta give him that. (3:39pm)
Metaskeptik: Yeah, Energizer Bunny of Metal (3:40pm)
Metaskeptik: I'm going to be like a minute over (3:47pm)
Dial: ok. I'll play something perfect that you can feed right in. First 2 minutes are chill anyway. (3:50pm)
Metaskeptik: Actually like2-3 min over (3:53pm)
Dial: Damn You!!! Ha (3:54pm)
Metaskeptik: lol (3:56pm)
Metaskeptik: Gotta end with some funk! (3:57pm)
Dial: I'll hit play at 2 after. Again, easy track. First couple minutes pretty much sound the same. (3:58pm)
Dial: Guitar duo I thought you might dig. (3:59pm)
Metaskeptik: OK, I'll be 3 over (3:59pm)
Dial: Works for me. (4:00pm)