Chatroom History
March 7, 2019 12:00pm - 2:29pm

Dial: Lets get it on! Meow. (12:01pm)
DJ MEOW: MEOW!! (12:01pm)
Dial: Always good to catch up with the family. (12:12pm)
DJ MEOW: absolutely (12:14pm)
little caller: Buttless Cowboy (12:19pm)
DJ MEOW: OH MY! (12:20pm)
Dial: Have never heard This Love Buzz sample. Cool. (12:34pm)
DJ MEOW: Awesome! (12:34pm)
xtina: ooof. fuq me up with that last track. (12:36pm)
DJ MEOW: it's a sad meow (12:36pm)
Dial: Spring is in the air here, Kitty. Been a long winter so far. (12:46pm)
Dial: Well not really in the air yet. Just wishful thinking. (12:48pm)
Dial: 20 above feels a whole lot better than 60 below windchills. (12:49pm)
DJ MEOW: JESUS!!! (12:51pm)
Dial: That about sums up the feeling! (12:57pm)
xtina: malaria! - ? (1:08pm)
DJ MEOW: I can play another shreikback song, but the wifi is giving me issues (1:13pm)
DJ MEOW: Meow Out! xo (1:56pm)
G's Chill Lounge: Hey Valencians! Happy Thursday! :) (2:01pm)
Dial: Thanks Meow! (2:03pm)