Chatroom History
March 17, 2019 2:00pm - 4:29pm

Dial: I also dont speak French but dig this track (2:19pm)
malderor: this sounds like something i'd play. (2:20pm)
Dj Rocky: What is this nice music?!?! (2:42pm)
malderor: finn andrews, formerly of the veils. (2:42pm)
Dial: Yo, Squirrel. (2:44pm)
Dial: That sounds like quite the night of shows, Malderor. Nice. (2:45pm)
Dial: 2-4 Monday is Bos Veranda now. (2:47pm)
Dj Rocky: Hey dial! Aren%u2019t u out drinking green beer or something ;) (2:51pm)
DJB: Great tune selections. -Denise (2:58pm)
Dial: Wish I was, Squirrel. How about you? (3:01pm)
malderor: thx (3:03pm)
Dj Rocky: Had a magners for breakfast (3:08pm)
Dial: Love that start to the day. (3:11pm)
malderor: i had jamesons (3:13pm)
malderor: it was almost noon, though. (3:14pm)
Dial: That works, too! (3:14pm)
Dial: Which Motherland were they singing about? (3:15pm)
malderor: denmark (3:22pm)
malderor: he's very into his danishness. (3:23pm)
malderor: this also sounds like something i'd play. (3:27pm)
Dial: Not His Job! Hilarious. (3:31pm)
Dial: SAT word of the week. Welcome back! (3:37pm)
malderor: it's been a minute, as the kids say (3:38pm)
Dial: I had forgotten about it. Nice flashback (3:39pm)
malderor: sorry to be all inimicable. (3:40pm)
Dial: Is there still just a single lactation room? (3:49pm)
malderor: i don;t know (3:50pm)
Dial: Well, go find out. (3:51pm)
Dial: Hoochies are back. Nice. (4:02pm)
Dial: And Lizzy to kick it off. Sweet. (4:05pm)
Netzard: Yay! (4:15pm)
Dial: Sweet set, Netzard! (4:17pm)
Li Po: Hallo Dial! (4:24pm)