Chatroom History
March 18, 2019 2:00pm - 4:28pm

Dial: There he is. Hey, Meta. (2:05pm)
Metaskeptik: Hey dude (2:05pm)
Metaskeptik: Nazz went over, first time (2:05pm)
Metaskeptik: he usually ends right on the money (2:06pm)
Dial: Noticed that. I didnt catch the start of his show so not sure if it started on time. (2:08pm)
Metaskeptik: Not sure, both shows before mine are pre-recorded (2:10pm)
Dial: Yeah (2:10pm)
Dial: Im covering Stonehocker tonight so 4 hours. It is on! (2:10pm)
Metaskeptik: Cool! (2:11pm)
Metaskeptik: It's warm here! (2:11pm)
Dial: I saw that. Starting to do the same here. Probably just a tease. (2:12pm)
Metaskeptik: might rain later this week (2:13pm)
Dial: Last year in mid April we got a nice 18 inch blizzard. (2:28pm)
Dial: Just a slap in the face for no good reason! (2:28pm)
Metaskeptik: Damn (2:36pm)
Metaskeptik: Lots of flooding up north (2:36pm)
Metaskeptik: I remember that for some reason (2:40pm)
Dial: Gun club (2:54pm)
Metaskeptik: Lol (2:56pm)
Metaskeptik: Commercials are too funny (2:57pm)
Metaskeptik: most, some are dumb (2:57pm)
Dial: Made me laugh (3:01pm)
Metaskeptik: yeah, those are really good (3:07pm)
Metaskeptik: This sounds like Devotchka and Boingo (3:14pm)
Metaskeptik: R.I.P. Dick Dale (3:25pm)
Dial: Yes. RIP. (3:34pm)
Metaskeptik: So I got an instrumatl track to fade you in, cool? (3:38pm)
Metaskeptik: The irony of this songs kills (3:41pm)
Dial: Works for me. (3:46pm)
Dial: Junkies! (3:47pm)
Metaskeptik: Yeah, inspiring, right? LOL (3:48pm)
Dial: Definitely gets me fired up to play some tracks! (3:50pm)
Metaskeptik: Dude! (3:50pm)
Dial: Quite the pep talk. Thanks, Coach! (3:50pm)
Metaskeptik: Widdly Junk! (3:52pm)
Dial: Junk it up (3:54pm)
Metaskeptik: This song is about weed (3:55pm)
Metaskeptik: I'll play like the first two minutes of the next song, cool? (3:56pm)
Metaskeptik: RUSH \m/ (3:56pm)
Dial: I have the perfect track after. (3:56pm)
Metaskeptik: last tune is exactly 4 min (3:57pm)
Dial: Cool. I%u2019ll hit play at 2 after. (3:58pm)
Metaskeptik: gotacha (3:59pm)
Metaskeptik: amazing how we can coordinate this shit (4:00pm)
Metaskeptik: across two timezones (4:00pm)
Metaskeptik: !!! (4:00pm)
Dial: utmost professionalism! (4:01pm)
DrPantz: It's time for DJ Dial A Shit! (4:02pm)
DrPantz: ha ha, that was great! (4:02pm)
Metaskeptik: thanks (4:02pm)
DrPantz: no, thank you! (4:02pm)
Dial: Doc!!! (4:03pm)
DrPantz: What is up My Brother? (4:03pm)
Dial: Yeah, Don't shit on me! (4:03pm)
DrPantz: I have been on holiday, and this is the last day of it. (4:04pm)
DrPantz: Going to burn one down, fire up the PS4 and listen to your show. (4:04pm)
DrPantz: Don't let me down D! (4:04pm)
Dial: Sweet. I most certainly won't let you down. 4 hours. Here we go! (4:05pm)
Metaskeptik: \m/ (4:05pm)
Dial: Hell yeah, Meta! (4:10pm)
Metaskeptik: That was a fun show! (4:19pm)
Metaskeptik: Heading to Zeitgeist... (4:20pm)
Dial: Great show! (4:20pm)
Dial: Nice. Have a burger for me! (4:23pm)
Metaskeptik: Thanks dude! (4:27pm)