Chatroom History
March 7, 2019 8:00pm - 10:19pm

turd ferguson: did u check out the new com truise? slightly different (8:19pm)
timmmii: yeah, just the one track so far (8:21pm)
turd ferguson: these soft releases are killing me... odd nosdam too (8:26pm)
timmmii: com truise doesn't come out till may (8:28pm)
timmmii: hard to get excited about one track. (8:29pm)
turd ferguson: may!! argh (8:31pm)
turd ferguson: the lamb track is pretty good, got sort of a massive attack vibe (8:32pm)
little caller: all these bands i was inot 20 years ago keep making great music (8:34pm)
turd ferguson: yeah i was surprised by the dandy warhols track (8:35pm)
little caller: we love the timmmii (8:35pm)
little caller: dandy warhols not so much (8:35pm)
turd ferguson: :) (8:36pm)
little caller: heard a sick prodigy futurebass mix the other day (8:37pm)
little caller: can't finnd it (8:37pm)
little caller: two step bitches! (8:38pm)
timmmii: ithe new dandy is pretty good, imho, and i'm not a big fan of theirs (8:38pm)
little caller: some songs you hear just once and never find it again (8:39pm)
little caller: not on this show! (8:39pm)
little caller: because titles (8:40pm)
turd ferguson: timmmii's metadata is boss (8:42pm)
timmmii: you can always check my twitter feed, i post all the tracks on there too (8:43pm)
timmmii: @downthe_well (8:43pm)
little caller: star wars laser guns? (8:43pm)
little caller: ray gun (8:44pm)
timmmii: not sure (8:44pm)
turd ferguson: flanged VCO sweep (8:46pm)
timmmii: hahah (8:48pm)
timmmii: sounds like classic drum n bass (8:48pm)
little caller: minty fresh (9:16pm)
timmmii: thanks everyone! (10:00pm)
turd ferguson: thx timmmii (10:01pm)
little caller: is this? (10:12pm)
little caller: radio? (10:12pm)
little caller: could it be? (10:18pm)
little caller: a zombie? (10:18pm)