Chatroom History
February 7, 2019 8:00pm - 10:23pm

House Party 3: Live Love Lube (8:06pm)
ed: yo, timmmii! lovin' your set, dude... (8:25pm)
ed: although, 'tis fritag, diese morgen.. ;) omg... i'm gonna leave you an update on my current tumultuous love situation... (8:27pm)
ed: <3 (8:27pm)
ed: <3 (8:27pm)
timmmii: thanks ed (8:27pm)
timmmii: cool (8:28pm)
ed: absolutely... how's the kid (8:28pm)
ed: and lovely wife (8:28pm)
timmmii: great! 20 months old (8:28pm)
timmmii: more than a handful (8:28pm)
ed: you are blessed mein freund, for sure (8:28pm)
timmmii: thank you for saying so :) (8:29pm)
ed: you are SO consistent with your electronic picks... certainly IS the 'very best' indeed (8:29pm)
timmmii: thank you! (8:32pm)
Dial: Hey, Timmmii. Happy Thursday. (8:42pm)
timmmii: hey Dial, happy thursday to you (8:46pm)
timmmii: thanks for tuning in! (8:49pm)
Dial: Thanks for doing your thing! Cheers. (8:55pm)
timmmii: i am tipping my delicious beer to you now :) (9:09pm)
Dial: Nice!!! Bottoms up. (9:15pm)
ed: totally laughin' mein ass off at your last,, timmmmiii! (9:28pm)
ed: cuz southpark timi is crazy spastic, yknow (9:29pm)
timmmii: i do need to sample a south park timmmii (9:29pm)
ed: oh yeah... he has that special brand of sheer adhd happiness, illustrated by his cool, jerky 'dance'. rave on! (9:36pm)
turd ferguson: argh, late (school function)... this synkro track sounds like BoC (9:43pm)
ed: or george michael's father figure (9:43pm)
timmmii: both (9:44pm)
ed: hey turd... what's happenin (9:44pm)
timmmii: tonight has been a good one (9:44pm)
timmmii: if i do say so myself (9:45pm)
turd ferguson: cool, will check the twitter feed to catch up (9:47pm)
little flipper: dope tune (9:56pm)
timmmii: thx (9:56pm)
little flipper: new Sun Glitters sounds like BoC (9:57pm)
little flipper: thanks for the album arts (9:58pm)
little flipper: oh yeah Om Unit was the great Norditrack tunes (9:59pm)
little flipper: sounds like Downliner Sekt (9:59pm)
timmmii: i will ck new sun glitters (10:00pm)
little flipper: what's the name for this kind of house? (10:00pm)
little flipper: deep house (10:00pm)
little flipper: minimal? (10:00pm)
little flipper: house party 2? (10:01pm)
timmmii: beatport calls this "leftfield bass" (10:01pm)
little flipper: nice thx (10:01pm)
vj pussycat: (10:13pm)