Chatroom History
March 24, 2019 8:00pm - 10:26pm

Dial: Thanks for a fun shou, Harry. (8:00pm)
Dial: Welcome, Dan! (8:01pm)
Dial: The Everything Show is a great name! (8:09pm)
h-t-p: thanks kind of a rough beginning (8:20pm)
Dial: Sounds great now! (8:25pm)
h-t-p: good (8:27pm)
Dial: Great call. Not only does this not suck, it shows how amazing a 3 piece can be. (8:44pm)
h-t-p: agree (8:45pm)
Dial: Also one of the best albums of that time. Just good shit. (8:47pm)
Mike: Does this station have a schedule? I searched the site and the closest thing to a schedule I could find is a list of shows with times, but it appears to be grossly out of date. (9:15pm)
h-t-p: yea, under schedule...think its up to date....maybe not....if you looked. (9:18pm)
h-t-p: i saw my show listed today. (9:20pm)
Mike: Well the current show isn't listed there for one. It seems very inaccurate. (9:21pm)
Mike: I have "tuned in" several times and found the programming to be very inconsistent. (9:24pm)
h-t-p: sorry you dont like it. (9:26pm)
h-t-p: this is the everything show I saw it listed today.... (9:26pm)
Dial: What are you trying to find, Mike? (9:28pm)
Mike: A current, reliable programming schedule (9:30pm)
Dial: Well? Totally understandable. (9:38pm)
Dial: I like what is in right now. (9:40pm)
Dial: On (9:41pm)
Dial: Great show, Dan. (9:44pm)
h-t-p: thank you...really appreciate that (9:48pm)
Dial: Very nicely done. (9:54pm)