Chatroom History
March 25, 2019 8:00pm - 10:30pm

Dial: Hey, John. (8:01pm)
John Hell: Hey Dial. Is my voice distorted? (8:16pm)
Dial: Sounds good here. (8:35pm)
Dial: Chat seems to be eating stuff as usual. (8:36pm)
John Hell: it's all good. I think it was the headphone jack (8:37pm)
Dial: Gotcha. (8:38pm)
Dial: Nice Allman Brothers. Definitely right that Warren fit right in. (9:07pm)
John Hell: I have so much more allmans to share (9:14pm)
John Hell: maybe I should host a special? (9:14pm)
Dial: Do it! (9:23pm)
Dial: Cool track. She sounds like Rachel Price. (9:35pm)
John Hell: right? (9:37pm)
Dial: And that is saying a lot. Love that kind of soulful jazz female vocal range. Awesome. (9:39pm)
Dial: Man, Louis definitely had the right idea. We can all just hope. Cheers, John. (10:00pm)