Chatroom History
March 21, 2019 8:00pm - 10:21pm

Dial: Hey, Timmmii (8:04pm)
turd ferguson: strong start! (8:12pm)
timmmii: thanks! (8:14pm)
timmmii: wheeeeee (8:58pm)
Dial: Perfect Thursday tunes! Gonna miss you live next week! (9:12pm)
timmmii: thx! the show i have picked out is a good one (9:15pm)
Dial: Cool (9:17pm)
Dial: You at least get to do something cool next week? (9:27pm)
timmmii: hahah, not really. my wife is going out of town, i'm solo dad with a toddler (9:29pm)
Dial: Bring him/her in with you. A family affair! (9:31pm)
timmmii: he goes to sleep at 730pm. (9:35pm)
Dial: Never too early to get him ready for the RV rock and roll lifestyle. (9:38pm)
timmmii: haa, oh he'll be exposed to it soon enough (9:40pm)
Dial: Probably already has turntables in his nursery. (9:41pm)
timmmii: he's heard music literally most of his life, if not every day (9:42pm)
timmmii: he's only 21 months old (9:43pm)
Dial: Time for some custom earbuds! (9:44pm)
Dial: Sounds like he has earned them. (9:55pm)
timmmii: i have some over-ears, but he's outgrown them (9:55pm)
timmmii: babies have much more sensitive hearing than adults do, (9:56pm)
Dial: Already time for an upgrade at 21 months. Man. (9:57pm)
turd ferguson: see you in 2 weeks (9:59pm)
timmmii: thanks ya'll (9:59pm)
Dial: Cheers, Timmmii. Great show. (10:00pm)
timmmii: thank you! (10:01pm)
little p-hound: great song Kr0B (10:04pm)