Chatroom History
April 4, 2019 8:00pm - 10:26pm

timmmii: yeow (8:07pm)
timmmii: and yo (8:07pm)
timmmii: and yo yo (8:07pm)
timmmii: and yeet (8:07pm)
turd ferguson: checkin in (8:15pm)
timmmii: yo (8:16pm)
Dial: Hey Timmmii. (9:01pm)
timmmii: hey dial! (9:02pm)
Dial: Sounding great here in Minneapolis! (9:11pm)
timmmii: nice (9:12pm)
Dial: You going to the Gashead tomorrow? (9:14pm)
timmmii: i hope to (9:17pm)
Dial: Cool. Hopefully you could spin for a bit, too. (9:26pm)
timmmii: i did not sign up but yes (9:27pm)
turd ferguson: the chillest reaper (9:57pm)
timmmii: indeed! (9:57pm)
timmmii: thanks for listening (9:57pm)
turd ferguson: u on next week? (9:58pm)
timmmii: i believe so (10:01pm)
timmmii: and check this com truise remix (10:01pm)
timmmii: just found this (10:01pm)
turd ferguson: yeah that sounds great (10:04pm)
turd ferguson: good find (10:05pm)