Chatroom History
April 16, 2019 10:00pm - 12:30am

Dial: Hey, guys. (10:05pm)
Paulitics: How you feelin' Dial? (10:37pm)
Dial: Doing good. (10:46pm)
Paulitics: What kind of cigarettes you smokin;? (10:51pm)
Dial: The kind without tobacco. (11:00pm)
Paulitics: May Jah bless your dear heart (11:02pm)
Dial: Thank you fine sir! (11:09pm)
Staggeringly Something: REloadio REspect (11:47pm)
Paulitics: Respect pon Reloadio (11:58pm)
Staggeringly Something: you want a driveby tonight at REloadio? (12:01am)
Staggeringly Something: ps you got deadair, Barr. (12:02am)
Paulitics: !!!!!!!! Que!!! ???? (12:05am)
Staggeringly Something: if you are quick.. it's aschool night! (12:05am)
Paulitics: Subversiveness\ (12:08am)
Staggeringly Something: what we do best (12:08am)
Paulitics: Oink Oink.... Buncha shit-disturbing creme-brulee-heads.... !!! Inside job!.... Rebuild the Notre DAME! (12:11am)
Staggeringly Something: REbuild REloadio! (12:11am)
Staggeringly Something: dues free (12:12am)
Paulitics: Which embassy shall we escape to?.... (12:15am)
Staggeringly Something: I always found Uruguay to meet my needs (12:17am)
Staggeringly Something: although I have been to Ecuador far many times than Assange (12:18am)
Paulitics: I've been to Uruguay... I saw couples dancing to Tango music in a square in Montevideo.... It re-afffirmed my belief that lifeis amazing... Go there! (12:19am)
Staggeringly Something: Radio Valencia rocks tonight! Thanks to you DJPaulitics , and show filler that followed\ (12:27am)
Paulitics: Did Reloadio do it?.... Ewlase the whole report ....unredacted!!! (12:28am)
Paulitics: Relaese the full report.... Unredacted!!! (12:29am)