Chatroom History
April 28, 2019 2:00pm - 4:29pm

Dial: You dig this Frazier album. Good stuff. (2:05pm)
Dial: Ahh, different album. (2:06pm)
Dial: Reds is definitely great. Did you sit at the back bar or outside? (2:08pm)
malderor: out back (2:11pm)
Dial: Nice (2:20pm)
Dial: Just assume failure. Funny. (2:21pm)
chillin: what's wrong with your guys webpage? (2:22pm)
malderor: dunno. refreshing seems to work, but yeah, it's hanging a lot. (2:28pm)
malderor: lots of 503 errors could be our other new motto. (2:28pm)
chillin: weird. my motto is drink beer! (2:37pm)
Dial: Play some reggae for Deathwish.?.? (2:43pm)
Dial: Shoreline is Mountain View (2:45pm)
malderor: thx (2:50pm)
chillin: too much trouble. sorry guys. i'll try listening in if you end getting your internet fixed! (2:51pm)
malderor: we need to reinstall wordpress or some such. (2:52pm)
netzard: Weightless is sold out for the 2nd. (3:05pm)
malderor: i thought we got tix? (3:09pm)
netzard: We did (3:46pm)
malderor: this is what deathwish is talking about: (4:10pm)
malderor: linking is not an endorsement. (4:10pm)
netzard: White rose potatoes. All the way (4:12pm)
netzard: Look em up (4:12pm)
netzard: Not for baked potatoes, but for scalloped potatoes (4:12pm)
netzard: Like a red potato but good (4:12pm)
netzard: Draeger's potato salad (4:14pm)
netzard: is absolutely the shit (4:14pm)
netzard: Tiny, bay shrimp (4:14pm)
netzard: ewww (4:14pm)