Chatroom History
April 22, 2019 8:00pm - 10:30pm

Dial: Rock it, John! (8:03pm)
geekboy: ??? (9:30pm)
geekboy: Oh, now it's working (9:30pm)
John Hell: And there ya go (9:30pm)
geekboy: Weird (9:31pm)
geekboy: Greetings frothe ROK (9:31pm)
geekboy: does this chat thing censor stuff? (9:33pm)
John Hell: It better not (9:33pm)
John Hell: What the fuck were you trying to say? (9:33pm)
John Hell: Wrybread made this thing. You would think it adds expletives (9:33pm)
geekboy: Korea (9:34pm)
geekboy: Oh that word is ok (9:34pm)
John Hell: Oh it's your people that censor (9:34pm)
geekboy: From (9:34pm)
geekboy: That word is ok (9:34pm)
geekboy: Hi (9:34pm)
geekboy: Okay (9:34pm)
John Hell: Hi there fella! (9:34pm)
John Hell: How's life in the ROK? (9:35pm)
geekboy: Long bus ride and I remember you are on (9:35pm)
John Hell: What time is it there? (9:35pm)
geekboy: Starting to warm up. (9:35pm)
geekboy: 1:35pm Tuesday (9:35pm)
John Hell: You're in the future?!?!?!? (9:36pm)
geekboy: I have been for a while now (9:37pm)
geekboy: Don't ask for stock tips (9:37pm)
John Hell: How about sports tips? (9:38pm)
John Hell: How's your batting average these days? (9:38pm)
geekboy: Sucks. Can't get a hit for nothing. Fielding is good though (9:38pm)
eb: Impressive (9:39pm)
eb: usually the legs go first (9:39pm)
John Hell: true enough (9:39pm)
John Hell: EB is that you? (9:40pm)
geekboy: Oh, my knees suffer (9:40pm)
geekboy: Especially when they stick me in the outfield (9:40pm)
eb: its me (9:40pm)
eb: the tall black one that is (9:40pm)
geekboy: I prefer 1st (9:41pm)
eb: not ernest borgnine (9:41pm)
John Hell: Good evening to you, my Nubian brother. (9:41pm)
geekboy: There is another eb? (9:41pm)
geekboy: I have to get off the bus and switch to the subway (9:41pm)
John Hell: Good luck with that (9:42pm)
John Hell: Do they use poles to push you on? (9:42pm)
geekboy: No (9:42pm)
geekboy: More civilized than Japan (9:42pm)
John Hell: I'm sure you can take them down a few notches if you have to anyway. (9:44pm)
geekboy: And generally the subway is not as crowded as there (9:46pm)
geekboy: Do you get many other international listeners? (9:50pm)
John Hell: Just you and Trinidad and Tobago (9:51pm)
John Hell: And Brazil (9:51pm)
John Hell: And Spain (9:51pm)
John Hell: And others, yes (9:51pm)
geekboy: That's different (9:51pm)
John Hell: But you may be the farthest into the future (9:52pm)
geekboy: Unless Donald the Nut tunes in. He is slightly closer over in Kyoto (9:52pm)
John Hell: He has every so often, yes. (9:53pm)
John Hell: You ever doming back here to visit? (9:53pm)
geekboy: Maybe some day (9:54pm)
geekboy: Maybe after Sir Gilded Dumpsterfire is dethroned (9:55pm)
John Hell: Yea, this is the stupidest nation I think in existence (9:56pm)
geekboy: Well, we have a neighbor (9:57pm)
John Hell: right (9:57pm)
geekboy: I will have to remember to tune in again. (9:59pm)
John Hell: Please do. Great chatting. I'm headed out. Be safe. I hear duck and cover works great. (9:59pm)
geekboy: I only recently got earpieces for my phone (9:59pm)
geekboy: Unlimited data and it's all good (9:59pm)
geekboy: Duck is delicious (10:00pm)