Chatroom History
May 20, 2019 2:00pm - 4:33pm

Metaskeptik: Hey dudes (2:02pm)
Dial: Already digging the start. (2:05pm)
Metaskeptik: Thanks dude (2:14pm)
Metaskeptik: Nice to see listenership tick up (2:15pm)
Metaskeptik: when my show starts :) (2:15pm)
Metaskeptik: How's the weather Dial? (2:18pm)
Metaskeptik: it's been raining here (2:18pm)
Metaskeptik: #hairspray (2:31pm)
Dial: Been shitty but today is nice so I took your show with me for a walk. (2:32pm)
Dial: Nice today. (2:33pm)
Metaskeptik: Cool (2:33pm)
Metaskeptik: I got a song for that! (2:33pm)
Dial: Sweet (2:35pm)
Dial: Ha. Perfect! (2:36pm)
Metaskeptik: \m/ (2:37pm)
Dial: Funky stuff (2:59pm)
Metaskeptik: All sorts o funk (3:08pm)
Metaskeptik: Mommy's Little Monster (3:09pm)
Metaskeptik: Best Soial D album (3:10pm)
Metaskeptik: Social Distortion (3:10pm)
Metaskeptik: #headbanging (3:11pm)
Dial: This makes me feel like I am on vacation. (3:21pm)
Metaskeptik: yeah (3:26pm)
Metaskeptik: mellow stuff (3:26pm)
Metaskeptik: got some more heavy stuff coming up (3:26pm)
Dial: Oh I totally enjoyed it. (3:29pm)
Dial: Transported me to a relaxing place. (3:30pm)
Metaskeptik: Terre Des Hommes (3:31pm)
Metaskeptik: album name (3:31pm)
Metaskeptik: really good (3:31pm)
Dial: America! (3:37pm)
Dial: With a Henley injection (3:43pm)
Dial: Oh, things are going to go seamlessly today! (3:47pm)
Metaskeptik: hahahaha (3:52pm)
Metaskeptik: I'm gonna go over about 5 (3:55pm)
Dial: Let me know when to pull the trigger (3:56pm)
Metaskeptik: Cool, I'll give a 30 sec shout out (3:56pm)
Metaskeptik: That went well (4:05pm)
Dial: Smooth as silk (4:11pm)
Metaskeptik: lol (4:32pm)
Metaskeptik: not involved in social media (4:32pm)