Chatroom History
May 25, 2019 2:00pm - 4:30pm

Cv: Good Evening (2:21pm)
Cv: There%u2019s a classic car show at Heath in Wakefield if you can mention that too (2:23pm)
SarahVause: Ha!! (2:23pm)
OriginalBrewer: Jo!!! (2:49pm)
OriginalBrewer: We need the car show details and we'll mention (2:50pm)
Cv: 10am till 4pm but its next to a pub so thats why we are going. There is an outside chance of at least one inflatable for kids to play on too. Probably some questionable burgers and hot dogs too (2:51pm)
OriginalBrewer: copy that (2:52pm)
Cv: Smiley face (2:52pm)
Cv: Our fun fact is the car show is in fact tomorrow (3:03pm)
OriginalBrewer: will update on the next break! (3:05pm)
Cv: It will be worth it (3:17pm)
vj pussycat: reloadio is awesome (3:33pm)
OriginalBrewer: ha ha! (3:34pm)
Lila Cain : Shout out???? (3:41pm)
Lila Cain : Love the show! (3:41pm)
%u2019: hilarious (3:43pm)