Chatroom History
June 10, 2019 2:00pm - 4:35pm

Metaskeptik: Hi dudes (2:05pm)
Dial: Hey Hey! (2:15pm)
Metaskeptik: Yo, its fucking hot (2:18pm)
Dial: Heat it up even more! (2:22pm)
Metaskeptik: Got some heat inspired songs (2:22pm)
Metaskeptik: requests? (2:27pm)
Metaskeptik: How hot up there? (2:27pm)
Dial: Just cooled way down last night. Very nice. (2:33pm)
Dial: Hotter than Hell by Kiss would make me smile. (2:36pm)
Metaskeptik: That's a reach, I hate Kiss (2:41pm)
Dial: I know! (2:43pm)
Dial: Just messing around. (2:43pm)
Dial: Burn-Deep Purple? (2:45pm)
Metaskeptik: ok (2:48pm)
Dial: Nice. (2:50pm)
Dial: Love it. Might have to replay it on my show. (3:02pm)
Metaskeptik: Cool, great song (3:05pm)
IT: can be a little jenky (3:26pm)
Metaskeptik: i love jerky (3:26pm)
IT: motba2I (3:41pm)
Metaskeptik: link dont work (3:43pm)
Dial: Hard to stay cool in that town. (3:50pm)
Metaskeptik: word (3:51pm)
Dial: You might have to go to the mall or something. (3:51pm)
Metaskeptik: statin has ac (3:55pm)
Metaskeptik: station (3:55pm)
Dial: Nice Clapton call. I had something lined up but may have to start with something else. Who the fuck knows? (3:57pm)
Metaskeptik: word (3:59pm)
Metaskeptik: got one more song after this one, I'll give the 30 sec shout out (3:59pm)
Dial: I'll be here (4:03pm)
Metaskeptik: \m/ (4:03pm)
Metaskeptik: Later Dial, stay cool (4:28pm)
Dial: Have fun at the mall, Meta! (4:29pm)