Chatroom History
June 6, 2019 8:00pm - 10:27pm

sonny jim: fondue party! (8:07pm)
timmmii: welcome welcom (8:12pm)
turd ferguson: yo (8:21pm)
timmmii: greetings (8:23pm)
sonny jim: underwater lovin (8:43pm)
timmmii: only underwater lovin (8:44pm)
timmmii: no above water lovin (8:44pm)
sonny jim: nice drums (8:45pm)
turd ferguson: hey i found a problem with the DTW podcast xml... who should i talk to? (8:47pm)
sonny jim: fishin for kissin (8:47pm)
timmmii: tell me? you can email (8:48pm)
timmmii: (8:49pm)
sonny jim: Sometimes these captchas are hard to solve. But there are ways to improve your experience! (8:49pm)
timmmii: everyone loves a good captcha (8:49pm)
sonny jim: dwarfic resonance activate! (8:50pm)
timmmii: form of (8:51pm)
turd ferguson: ok i had emailed but maybe i fat fingered the m%u2019s and i%u2019s. will try again (9:00pm)
timmmii: timmmii@gmail (9:02pm)
timmmii: please, i would love to understand what's wrong (9:02pm)
timmmii: with the (9:02pm)
timmmii: xml (9:02pm)
timmmii: and fix it (9:03pm)
turd ferguson: lemme re-send (9:06pm)
turd ferguson: ok i just sent it again, hopefully it goes this time (9:08pm)
timmmii: let me check (9:09pm)
timmmii: i missed your first email (9:11pm)
timmmii: my kid turned 2 last weekend (9:12pm)
timmmii: both grandmothers are here (9:12pm)
timmmii: i am behind on email ;) (9:12pm)
turd ferguson: no big deal i know how it is (9:14pm)
turd ferguson: thanks - another great show, CU next week (9:57pm)
timmmii: thank you! (9:59pm)
sonny jim: FOMO (9:59pm)
sonny jim: love miyagi (10:00pm)
sonny jim: sick font brah (10:00pm)
sonny jim: everyone can be rich (10:00pm)
sonny jim: click to find out how (10:01pm)
sonny jim: no KR0B till brooklyn (10:02pm)
sonny jim: My Daily Stretch Routine for Total Body Flexibility (10:04pm)