Chatroom History
June 20, 2019 8:00pm - 10:26pm

strange angle: Today is Thursday, June 20. (8:08pm)
timmmii: so people know it's not a rerun (8:11pm)
sonny jim: Take! (8:22pm)
sonny jim: klank too straight (8:22pm)
sonny jim: Only Mountain wonk heaven (8:23pm)
sonny jim: he did a couple sound collages (8:24pm)
sonny jim: on youtubes (8:24pm)
sonny jim: no one does that these days (8:24pm)
timmmii: sweatson klank is good stuff (8:28pm)
sonny jim: guess he scored a game Flywrench? (8:28pm)
turd ferguson: thx for the warp reminder (8:30pm)
turd ferguson: there is an iphone app for the broadcast of the shows (8:30pm)
sonny jim: fly lo? (8:31pm)
sonny jim: why no live shows on youtube? (8:32pm)
sonny jim: just hippy bands (8:32pm)
timmmii: this new burial track is growing on me (8:42pm)
timmmii: more cohesive (8:43pm)
turd ferguson: that vortex track was dope (8:50pm)
timmmii: yes! (8:51pm)
timmmii: the album is good (8:51pm)
timmmii: i prefer the instrumental (9:56pm)
timmmii: good evening (9:57pm)
turd ferguson: yeah i guess i like the instrumental too (10:01pm)
sonny jim: Art Of Field Recording; recorded 4/23/1962 (10:11pm)
sonny jim: Do you need help? Sometimes these captchas are hard to solve. (10:15pm)