Chatroom History
April 25, 2019 8:00pm - 10:30pm

TinkerTheHog: Oink Oink (8:09pm)
turd ferguson: radiovalencia webserver seems flaky? (8:15pm)
timmmii: how so (8:18pm)
timmmii: and yeah i was having some issues with the site (8:18pm)
turd ferguson: getting "The server is temporarily unable to service your request due to maintenance downtime or capacity problems. Please try again later." periodically (8:18pm)
sonny jim: all clear here (8:19pm)
turd ferguson: may 17 can't come soon enough (8:20pm)
timmmii: ugh (8:21pm)
timmmii: lmk if that notification comes up again (8:24pm)
timmmii: agree on 5/17 (8:25pm)
turd ferguson: ok, just reloaded and seems OK for now (8:26pm)
sonny jim: oh that Sia Diplo is out (8:31pm)
sonny jim: and labrinth (8:32pm)
sonny jim: you have to be on lsd to stand it? (8:33pm)
timmmii: sia diplo? (8:33pm)
sonny jim: yeah LSD (8:33pm)
timmmii: Sei A is what i played (8:33pm)
sonny jim: oh (8:33pm)
sonny jim: sry (8:34pm)
timmmii: haha (8:35pm)
turd ferguson: aw shit i just broke my python environment -> no youtbe-dl (8:54pm)
timmmii: ? (8:54pm)
timmmii: (8:55pm)
turd ferguson: previous track not on apple music... (8:55pm)
turd ferguson: plaid (8:56pm)
sonny jim: ytdl (8:58pm)
timmmii: plaid? (8:58pm)
timmmii: god i love this track (8:59pm)
turd ferguson: maru (9:00pm)
turd ferguson: thanks sonny jim (9:00pm)
sonny jim: only one per day (9:05pm)
sonny jim: this one lower quality (9:05pm)
timmmii: ! (9:06pm)
turd ferguson: well one way or another i'll get my python env working again, need it for other stuff... (9:07pm)
sonny jim: oh yeah Tycho thanks (9:10pm)
sonny jim: ultimate listening experience (9:17pm)
sonny jim: Art Department (9:21pm)
timmmii: yes it's very good (9:22pm)
sonny jim: thanks timmmmmmmmmii (9:22pm)
timmmii: curious ... who is sonny jim (9:23pm)
sonny jim: kid in Twin Peaks (9:23pm)
timmmii: you're welcome :) (9:23pm)
timmmii: ha (9:23pm)
timmmii: ah, i did not watch the new series (9:24pm)
timmmii: i was busy with a new baby in 2017 (9:24pm)
timmmii: good reminder to watch tho (9:28pm)
Dial: Always love your show, Timmmii. Thanks! (9:50pm)
sonny jim: great show tonight (9:51pm)
sonny jim: as always (9:52pm)
timmmii: thank you (9:52pm)
sonny jim: matmos turned left huh (9:54pm)
sonny jim: love it (9:55pm)
timmmii: matmos - new lp is good, yes more accessible (9:57pm)
timmmii: but still v interesting (9:57pm)