Chatroom History
June 28, 2019 10:00am - 12:58pm

hot dog: Faco ques onda homie. Shouts! (10:18am)
itsfaco: wassup hot dog (10:20am)
itsfaco: shouts (10:20am)
itsfaco: out (10:20am)
itsfaco: to (10:20am)
itsfaco: you (10:20am)
hot dog: Dirty Larry (10:27am)
hot dog: Dog you know Charles Bronson is a homie....look at him (10:31am)
hot dog: Dog Chuck Bronson v my homie Danny Trejo epic battle yo (10:36am)
hot dog: MACHETE!! (10:40am)
itsfaco: vs (10:45am)
itsfaco: Charles Bronson (10:45am)
itsfaco: vs (10:47am)
hot dog: dog if Chuck B takes out machete, machetes vieja better runn for the hills dog. Chuck will SEAL THE DEAL homie (10:47am)
itsfaco: Herv Villechaize. (10:48am)
itsfaco: jumps in (10:48am)
hot dog: the battle down below dog (10:49am)
hot dog: dog was an honor to have Segal go straight latino right there (11:15am)
hot dog: ay congrats on the six months dog but lets do this on quatro de Julio! (11:20am)
itsfaco: thanks amigo (11:27am)
itsfaco: oh (11:44am)
itsfaco: oh (11:44am)
Dial: Thanks, Faco. More chance to chat next time. (11:50am)
hot dog: hit me up in LA homie. Hot Dog is aqui!! (11:55am)
Dial: Have a blast in LA. Gotta check out the podcast. (11:56am)
hot dog: BUNCH (11:57am)
hot dog: A (11:57am)
hot dog: LUNCH (11:57am)
hot dog: homie bunch a lunch at the Shakes dog. Pizza papas todo (11:58am)
Dial: Love some Faco OT! (12:00pm)
hot dog: palermos is legit homie. Covina SAN GABRIEL VALLEY . SHOUTS! (12:00pm)
itsfaco: nice (12:02pm)
itsfaco: wassup Dial (12:02pm)
itsfaco: shouts (12:02pm)
itsfaco: out (12:02pm)
itsfaco: to (12:02pm)
itsfaco: you (12:02pm)
Dial: Was working outside so no chatting earlier. Been tuned in as always. (12:04pm)
Dial: How are things? (12:04pm)
itsfaco: thanks so much (12:04pm)
itsfaco: been good walking and talking (12:05pm)
itsfaco: how you been (12:06pm)
Dial: Busy summer. Gotta take advantage before it starts snowing again! (12:07pm)
Dial: Ha (12:08pm)
Dial: Got the garden rocking, though. (12:08pm)
itsfaco: o (12:10pm)
itsfaco: fuck (12:11pm)
itsfaco: ya (12:11pm)
Dial: Come on over and I will spoil you for sure. (12:16pm)
itsfaco: nice (12:25pm)
Dial: Have a great weekend and awesome trip. Cheers! (12:31pm)
hot dog: shouts Faco see you in LA homie! (12:32pm)