Chatroom History
July 2, 2019 5:00pm - 8:06pm

TinkerTheHog: Oink Oink (5:11pm)
AllHailBoognish: <(*.*<) (5:11pm)
TinkerTheHog: I heard you guys last week even with the website dead. (5:12pm)
TinkerTheHog: I've done Fist Fest up in Guerneville, highly recommended. (5:12pm)
TinkerTheHog: Rip and tead (5:15pm)
TinkerTheHog: Tear (5:15pm)
TinkerTheHog: Leather Pride > Pride (5:16pm)
TinkerTheHog: Dorie Alley > Folsom (5:17pm)
TinkerTheHog: ) was supposed to be Greater Than.. (5:17pm)
TinkerTheHog: Make an Asspig imo (5:18pm)
TinkerTheHog: Jello Biafra is still alive and producing music (5:23pm)
TinkerTheHog: Workin on my glutes, vigorously (5:26pm)
gooniestorm: hey tinker do you wanna call in???? ? (5:48pm)
TinkerTheHog: One of these days when I have the courage and the alcohol. (6:07pm)
gooniestorm: aww (6:08pm)
TinkerTheHog: Stick to all natural marijuana (6:15pm)
TinkerTheHog: And all natural shrooms. (6:15pm)
TinkerTheHog: And all natural LSD. (6:15pm)
AllHailBoognish: i had to leave and i missed liek the whole damn show (6:39pm)
AllHailBoognish: tom cruise said he would fight him and then Beibs retracted his statment (6:41pm)
AllHailBoognish: hi jason (6:43pm)
AllHailBoognish: prob cuz she wont bone him (6:43pm)
Paulitics: space jazz! (6:46pm)
Paulitics: Space Jazz does not suck!!! (6:47pm)
TinkerTheHog: Yeah a the vacuum of space does not suck, it simply displaces air (6:49pm)
AllHailBoognish: have a good night you guys!! (7:00pm)
AllHailBoognish: i cant with this scientology shit (7:00pm)
Paulitics: Haha!!!... This show is brilliant!... Thanks!!! (7:02pm)
gooniestorm: thank you!!! (7:13pm)
TinkerTheHog: Oink Oink until next Tuesday (7:37pm)