Chatroom History
July 6, 2019 1:00pm - 3:29pm

Brynn Soderlund: Brynn Soderlund for Black Cobra, Charger, and Molten (1:20pm)
Leah storkson for Charger molten black cobra : Leah storkson (1:23pm)
Bill Johnson for Charger and Molten: Charger and Molten thanks guys. (1:26pm)
!LAM!: Bill Johnson You Win! (1:26pm)
!LAM!: just state your name show your ID at the door, you'll be on the Subliminal SF list (1:27pm)
Dial: Happy 4th weekend, Manny. (1:52pm)
Dial: Hey there, Beats Crew. (2:03pm)
Vausey: H B day (2:04pm)
OriginalBrewer: Hey! (2:11pm)
Vausey: Yorkshire are in (2:11pm)
Dial: Happy birthday. Try to not ever grow up. At least not too fast. (2:13pm)
Flo: Yes! Hiyooooo (2:13pm)
OriginalBrewer: Hi Flo! (2:16pm)
Vausey: Live forever (2:32pm)
Dial: Funny. Always bring your personal headphones! (2:33pm)
SarahVause: Nice :-) (2:34pm)
SarahVause: Loving the tunes this week! (2:35pm)
SarahVause: This week - it is Pontefract Liquorice festival. The castle is open and there are lots of activities, no scaffolding in sight. Tomorrow starting at 11am. (2:38pm)
SarahVause: What%u2019s in an earthquake kit? Curious. (2:59pm)
Vausey: Goodnight all (3:19pm)