Chatroom History
July 8, 2019 8:00pm - 10:30pm

gooniestorm: i don't think their mics are on (8:24pm)
gooniestorm: ok i can hear him now :) (8:25pm)
gooniestorm: whoa never heard this one (9:06pm)
gooniestorm: according to wikipedia there's been 6 different bassists!! (9:16pm)
John Hell: yikes! (9:16pm)
Steve Flipper: Good job on the interview John Hell (9:25pm)
John Hell: Thanks Steve!!! (9:34pm)
Mr. L: The werepad? (9:47pm)
rugbyrne: great show, JH!! (9:47pm)
gooniestorm: cyclone warehouse (9:47pm)
gooniestorm: ? oops (9:47pm)
Mr. L: Cyclone was on Illinois street (9:48pm)
gooniestorm: oh yeah (9:48pm)
Mr. L: A bit late, but one of the really hot performances at Burger B. this year was Amyl & the Sniffers. Worth checking out, if you haven't already. They were new to me. (9:54pm)
John Hell: Ah yes, Cyclone!!!!!!! (9:55pm)
Miss Kae Oz: Ya'll hearing us okay (10:22pm)
Perfect_Timing: Testing testing (10:26pm)