Chatroom History
August 9, 2018 12:00pm - 2:29pm

DrPantz: /me hugs THEE dj (12:01pm)
DJ MEOW: YAAAA ! welcome back Dr (12:02pm)
DrPantz: soooo glad to be able to tune in - work has been a real fucking drag lately - so much so I have polished the resume and started putting it out on the street. (12:03pm)
DJ MEOW: I hear that !! (12:04pm)
DJ MEOW: bumer (12:04pm)
DrPantz: it has been a long time coming and the market is hot right now, so we will see what we will see (12:04pm)
DrPantz: they are going to die when i finally get to put in my 2 weeks... just biding my time now (12:05pm)
DrPantz: the final straw came when my boss took my pet project of 4 years that i labored lovingly on as his own and gave it to some other chump who wasn't even in our group (12:05pm)
DrPantz: as soon as it started gaining traction he swooped in - what a fucker (12:06pm)
DJ MEOW: That's crap (12:06pm)
DrPantz: total (12:06pm)
DrPantz: so he had the first laugh, but the last laugh will be mine (12:06pm)
DrPantz: and there's nothing that they will be able to do or say that's going to make me stay... plus, nobody can do my work, so it will take them a while to find a replacement, which means they will have to keep me on as a consultant doing my work, but getting paid 3x as much an hour for it muahaha (12:07pm)
DrPantz: Fortunately, I have done this sort of thing a few times before. (12:07pm)
DrPantz: And trust me, I am not greedy, this is comeuppence for being morally and laborily wronged (12:08pm)
Dial: Hey! (12:08pm)
DrPantz: Good afternoon Brother Dial. Greetings and salutations. (12:08pm)
DrPantz: Also, Psychedelic Furs this Friday woohoo! Really looking forward to that show, and eating at Mission Street Taco before. Isn't that funny, we have a most excellent taco joint named Mission Street - named after your SAN FRAN street and everything!!! (12:10pm)
Dial: Definitely nice to get that last laugh. (12:10pm)
DrPantz: Oh yes, and I will. First laughers, laugh loudest, last laughers laugh longest. (12:11pm)
DrPantz: They won't even see it coming. (12:12pm)
DrPantz: Your the best!!! (12:12pm)
Dial: Even better. Smacked upside the head! (12:13pm)
DrPantz: Sounds like a great show is ahead of us... ha ha I asked for Dead And Alive 4 weeks ago!!! (12:14pm)
DJ MEOW: i could't remember who did (12:16pm)
DrPantz: I like Lover Come Back To Me (12:17pm)
DrPantz: ha ha ha (12:17pm)
DrPantz: man this really takes me back (12:18pm)
DJ MEOW: definitely (12:19pm)
DrPantz: ha ha - this ain't right (12:32pm)
DJ MEOW: you love it (12:32pm)
DrPantz: i feel so icky now (12:33pm)
DJ MEOW: hahahha (12:33pm)
DrPantz: =] (12:33pm)
DrPantz: I have been hooked on The Bottom Line by DM lately - going to learn the chords tonight when I get home and rock it on the accoustic (12:36pm)
DJ MEOW: Awesome! (12:38pm)
DrPantz: I saw an old clip of martin singing it ala country western style with accoustic, it was great (12:38pm)
DrPantz: and i can't stand country music! (12:39pm)
DrPantz: well, i do like the old westerns (12:39pm)
DrPantz: Merle Travis was one of the best guitar slingers to ever live IMO (12:41pm)
DJ MEOW: i hate westerns and all that goes with it (12:45pm)
DrPantz: ha ha (12:45pm)
DrPantz: definitely a personal issue ;p (12:45pm)
DJ MEOW: past life maybe? (12:46pm)
DrPantz: unless this is a westward expansion rant, then I will get serious and support you (12:46pm)
DrPantz: I love this song. (12:46pm)
DrPantz: It's empowering... do you get that effect too? (12:47pm)
DJ MEOW: Future islands are great!! (12:47pm)
DrPantz: Makes me want to buy a bass, that Future Islands song. (12:50pm)
DrPantz: You got a real good energy today with the show. (12:50pm)
DJ MEOW: Thank You!! (12:50pm)
DrPantz: You must have a pep in your step. (12:50pm)
DJ MEOW: i wouldn't go that far! (12:50pm)
DrPantz: duly noted... but not yet retracted (12:51pm)
DJ MEOW: hahahha (12:51pm)
DrPantz: "I say YES" (12:52pm)
DrPantz: My oh my, yes oh yes! (12:52pm)
DrPantz: Siouxsie was my first artist crush! (12:57pm)
DJ MEOW: she is amazing (12:57pm)
DrPantz: I only got to see them once, at the first Lollapalooza and I was on great acid and it was just simply divine. (12:58pm)
DJ MEOW: sounds like a good time (12:58pm)
DrPantz: It was a great time, the whole weekend. I was still in high school but hung out with an older college crowd at the time and it was just incredible. (12:59pm)
DrPantz: I think I had just graduated HS for that show. (12:59pm)
DrPantz: Anyway, for whatever reason, I remember a lot of that festival and weekend, probably because it was all so new. (1:00pm)
DrPantz: A lot of shows I have gone to, for some reason, I just can't really seem to remember, sober or otherwise, it's weird, i think because i am caught in the moment too much, sensory overload (1:00pm)
DJ MEOW: that makes sense (1:01pm)
DrPantz: It wouldn't be the Music Department with a little Bowie! (1:01pm)
DrPantz: without* (1:01pm)
DJ MEOW: absolutely (1:01pm)
DrPantz: absofuckinglutely (1:01pm)
DrPantz: ah, an oldie but a goodie (1:24pm)
Atom de Large: Here I am, thecolor of an avacado (1:24pm)
Atom de Large: Hi DJ Meow! :) (1:25pm)
Atom de Large: Busy work day, loving the set! (1:25pm)
DJ MEOW: What's up Atom? Glad to have you along! (1:25pm)
DrPantz: Love this one - never heard it before. (1:44pm)
DJ MEOW: new Soft Moon (1:45pm)
DrPantz: For a new band they do Industrial right! (1:46pm)
DJ MEOW: They aren't too new (1:48pm)
DJ MEOW: local guy (1:48pm)
DJ MEOW: went big (1:48pm)
DJ MEOW: now lives in berlin (1:48pm)
DrPantz: cool - have you followed Bells Into Machines? (1:49pm)
DrPantz: Bells Into Machines is: Paul Barker, Chris Connelly, Lee Popa, Toby Wright, Brian Diemar an Janne Jarvis. (1:49pm)
DrPantz: check out that line up!!! dropping their first album Sept 15 2018 (1:49pm)
DJ MEOW: i'll check it out (1:50pm)
DrPantz: I am going to preorder T and cd when I get home, gotta get this one, apparently if you preordered before the end of July you would get in the credits on the cd!!! (1:50pm)
DrPantz: I love Paul Barker and Chris Connelly - so glad they are doing this project. (1:53pm)
DrPantz: Where's my skateboard? (1:54pm)
DrPantz: Drop in. (1:54pm)
DJ MEOW: hahahah (1:54pm)
DrPantz: now this is the story of my life ;p (1:57pm)
DJ MEOW: right? (1:57pm)
DrPantz: Truly. (1:58pm)
DrPantz: i LOVE the hard stuff. (1:59pm)
DrPantz: check ya later skater (1:59pm)
DJ MEOW: that's what she said! (1:59pm)
DrPantz: hey ohhhhh (1:59pm)
DrPantz: we got ouorselves a comediANNE here (2:00pm)
DJ MEOW: sometimes (2:00pm)
DJ MEOW: have a great rest of your day! xo (2:00pm)
DrPantz: you take care of yourself and I will try to shoot ya a note sooner rather than later (2:00pm)
DJ MEOW: sweet! (2:02pm)