Chatroom History
July 11, 2019 8:00pm - 10:18pm

turd ferguson: present! (8:13pm)
timmmii: indeed (8:16pm)
timmmii: it's good to be back (8:35pm)
timmmii: i forgot about the 4th last week (8:35pm)
turd ferguson: me too, checked in late to find the station on autopilot... (8:49pm)
timmmii: by the time i realized i needed to schedule a rerun, no one was around (8:55pm)
turd ferguson: 's cool, life you know... (9:06pm)
turd ferguson: stoked for some new Lone... (9:07pm)
timmmii: omg (9:10pm)
timmmii: i was just thinking 'how can i convince my wife to let me see him tomorrow? (9:10pm)
timmmii: i feel sort of obligated as a fan (9:10pm)
timmmii: i guess he's launching his own label (9:11pm)
timmmii: -abraxas-ep (9:11pm)
timmmii: oh whoops, i updated the track listing too soon (9:12pm)
timmmii: well, NOW is next (9:12pm)
turd ferguson: i noticed it was on "ancient astronauts" but didn't realize that was his label. makes more sense now (9:15pm)
turd ferguson: geez i didnt know he was going to be here, i must have missed the tweet (9:16pm)
timmmii: i was alerted somehow (9:25pm)
timmmii: i'm on various lists (9:25pm)
timmmii: man this track takes me back (9:47pm)
sonny jim: slick verb (9:47pm)
sonny jim: nice art (9:48pm)
sonny jim: oh Bob Moses new 2 me (9:52pm)
sonny jim: thanks (9:52pm)
sonny jim: fancy beatz (9:54pm)
sonny jim: doh it's always a remix (9:56pm)
timmmii: lindstrom and prins thomas (9:56pm)
timmmii: remix (9:56pm)
timmmii: that was the attraction (9:56pm)
turd ferguson: prins thomas always brings the great remixes (9:57pm)
sonny jim: a dope new song every time (9:57pm)
sonny jim: thanks timmmii (9:57pm)
timmmii: yes (9:57pm)
timmmii: thank you! (9:57pm)
timmmii: good ol' sonny jim (9:57pm)
timmmii: thank you turd ferguson (9:58pm)
timmmii: this is a collab of blockhead (9:58pm)
timmmii: and Eliot Lipp (9:58pm)
timmmii: good evening (10:00pm)
sonny jim: uh oh (10:04pm)
sonny jim: it's uncle KRoB (10:04pm)