Chatroom History
July 25, 2019 8:00pm - 10:25pm

timmmii: the doctor is in (8:18pm)
turd ferguson: ollo (8:19pm)
timmmii: greetings (8:24pm)
turd ferguson: L O N E (8:47pm)
timmmii: yep (8:49pm)
timmmii: love me some Lone (8:50pm)
turd ferguson: the art kind of reminds me of the She's a Superstar EP art (8:51pm)
turd ferguson: but is 1000x better with a tiger in place of verve (8:51pm)
timmmii: hahah, you're right! (8:54pm)
timmmii: ia/en/e/ea/Shesuperstar.jpg (8:55pm)
turd ferguson: mormons and LDS are the same thing (9:07pm)
vj pussycat: low are mormon? (9:08pm)
timmmii: i knew that as soon as i questioned it (9:08pm)
timmmii: was in my head thinking (9:08pm)
timmmii: are they jehovah witnesses? (9:08pm)
timmmii: but you know, in real time, i must move on (9:08pm)
timmmii: yes, they are (9:09pm)
turd ferguson: oh yeah jehovas are different (9:09pm)
timmmii: yes (9:10pm)
timmmii: hard to keep track of religious affiliations (9:10pm)
timmmii: i met them once, many years ago, interviewed them (9:10pm)
turd ferguson: as long as Com Truise is not a scientologist eveyrhing will be fine (9:10pm)
timmmii: hahah (9:10pm)
timmmii: they were very nice, very shy (9:10pm)
Rustytarnation: awww... Disco. (9:25pm)
timmmii: aw yes (9:26pm)
timmmii: i love that he's still captured (9:26pm)
timmmii: via audio (9:26pm)
timmmii: disco lives on! (9:26pm)
Rustytarnation: He was a good boy. Actually, he wasn't good, but he was awesome. (9:27pm)
Rustytarnation: And hi Timmmii! (9:27pm)
turd ferguson: !! (9:32pm)
timmmii: i'm liking this one (9:45pm)
Rustytarnation: Thank you for the Tycho, Timmmii. They always warms me cockles. (9:54pm)
turd ferguson: the past inside the present (9:55pm)
turd ferguson: sadly, i agree, but i think its great that he's branching out (9:56pm)
turd ferguson: another week in the record books (9:58pm)