Chatroom History
August 18, 2019 2:00pm - 4:29pm

Dial: Only a couple minutes late? Not bad. (2:12pm)
malderor: it's virtue signaling with malderor! (2:17pm)
Dial: Looking forward to seeing the film you do. Great cause and idea. (2:23pm)
malderor: meh (2:38pm)
malderor: thanks for tuning in. (2:40pm)
King Rat: thought this was The Ruts when it started.... (3:59pm)
Dial: You guys have gone soft on your drinking. Get back to reality. (4:06pm)
malderor: i did not see this coming. (4:06pm)
Dial: Go get a whiskey and get back to me. (4:11pm)
Dial: Softies. All of you. (4:11pm)
malderor: hmmm (4:13pm)
malderor: whiskey? (4:13pm)