Chatroom History
August 20, 2019 5:00pm - 5:31pm

brandi666: I can hear Jason and Jack and *sometimes* Noah (5:14pm)
brandi666: You sound fine. (5:14pm)
brandi666: I can also super hear Jack. (5:14pm)
brandi666: Noah is hella background. Are there 4 of you? (5:14pm)
brandi666: I hear you fine, Jason (5:15pm)
brandi666: YOU ARE THERE (5:15pm)
brandi666: Jason does sound a little scratchy... but it seems to be fixing itself. (5:16pm)
AllHailBoognish: mosh pit get hit (5:23pm)
brandi666: jason's dick, you say? (5:24pm)
brandi666: pffffffffft. The Olds can totally be in bands or be rappers or be whatever the fuck (5:27pm)
AllHailBoognish: play some damn music ass hats (5:31pm)
AllHailBoognish: YAY! (5:31pm)