Chatroom History
October 25, 2018 12:00pm - 2:29pm

DrPantz: Is it live, or is it Memorex? (12:01pm)
DJ MEOW: LIVE (12:01pm)
DrPantz: Oh god bless! (12:02pm)
DrPantz: Rock my face off won't you? (12:02pm)
DJ MEOW: YES!! (12:04pm)
DrPantz: Hey, you're playing my song! (12:33pm)
DJ MEOW: Yep!!! (12:34pm)
DrPantz: I had to step away. (12:34pm)
DrPantz: Came back. (12:34pm)
DrPantz: And this was one. highfive! (12:34pm)
DJ MEOW: welcome Back! (12:34pm)
DrPantz: Glad to be back. ;p (12:34pm)
DrPantz: TKK new album drops Valentine's 2019! (12:35pm)
DrPantz: Supposed to be like early stuff, no matter what it is, I know I will love it. Buzz McCoy can do no wrong in my opinion. (12:36pm)
DrPantz: That bastard is fucking talented. (12:36pm)
DrPantz: I sure could go for some drugs! (12:36pm)
DJ MEOW: oh yes! (12:37pm)
DrPantz: THEE Penny? (12:45pm)
Shawn: ..and here I am (12:54pm)
DrPantz: Hola! (12:55pm)
DrPantz: How goes it? (12:55pm)
DrPantz: We want drugs, what say you? (12:55pm)
DrPantz: Dope forever, forever loaded. (12:55pm)
DJ MEOW: Welcome Shawn! (12:56pm)
Shawn: I am on a six hour long conference fatigue (1:00pm)
DrPantz: yuck! (1:01pm)
DrPantz: I feel you pain my brother. (1:01pm)
DJ MEOW: UGH!!! (1:02pm)
Gina "The Producer": Ready to go today! Glad the key thing has been resolved. :) (1:20pm)
DJ MEOW: Whew!!!! (1:22pm)
DrPantz: Great Jam! (1:26pm)
DrPantz: Took pain pill and muscle relaxer - this is inducing seat dancing. (1:27pm)
DrPantz: Too much time spent hunched over keyboard and mouse, modern life is deforming my body, mind and probably my soul. (1:27pm)
DJ MEOW: that's terrible! (1:27pm)
DrPantz: Pushing back with pharmaceuticals (1:27pm)
DrPantz: Have to make a living. (1:28pm)
DrPantz: ain't nothing easy (1:28pm)
DrPantz: except dream girls ;p (1:28pm)
DJ MEOW: OF COURSE!! Pain sucks like that! go have a good steam and a massage (1:28pm)
DrPantz: that would be wonderful (1:29pm)
DJ MEOW: i had a good steam and it did wonders (1:32pm)
DrPantz: I would like both, the steam and the massage. (1:36pm)
DrPantz: In Canada, massage is covered under health insurance. (1:36pm)
DrPantz: How nice would that be. (1:37pm)
DrPantz: Everything about the US is a fucking drag. (1:37pm)
DJ MEOW: massage is so beneficial! (1:37pm)
DrPantz: Totally. (1:38pm)
DrPantz: I have my mid year review in 20 minutes. (1:39pm)
DrPantz: That shit is such a joke. (1:39pm)
DrPantz: And I am going to voice that opinion this year. (1:39pm)
DrPantz: You have to self evaluate, and then they evaluate, etc. (1:40pm)
DrPantz: I gave myself low marks this year ha ha. (1:40pm)
DrPantz: Just to see what they are going to say. (1:40pm)
DrPantz: Usually people d the opposite, give themselves great marks. (1:40pm)
DJ MEOW: weirdo (1:40pm)
DrPantz: Completely. (1:40pm)
DrPantz: I will gladly serve as the Music Department's resident weirdo. (1:41pm)
DJ MEOW: Nice (1:41pm)
DrPantz: It's hard being a social-psychologist in a manufacturing corporation full of business majors and engineers. (1:41pm)
DJ MEOW: that would be hard (1:41pm)
DrPantz: the former are idiots and the latter take themselves way to seriously (1:42pm)
DrPantz: And by idiots, I mean of really low intelligence, in case there was confusion. (1:42pm)
DJ MEOW: hehehehe (1:42pm)
DrPantz: There are some nice folks here though. (1:42pm)
DrPantz: But they just get ground down by the machine. (1:42pm)
DrPantz: I am too ornery to let that happen. (1:43pm)
DrPantz: Since I have built the advanced analytics platform that drives the business forward, I get away with a lot of orneriness (1:44pm)
DrPantz: Leadership ego is the worst. (1:44pm)
DrPantz: Fortunately, I get to check that shit with INFORMATION! (1:44pm)
DrPantz: Facts don't lie bitches. (1:45pm)
DrPantz: And your corporate spin don't mean doodly against the trends I monitor muahhahaha. (1:45pm)
DrPantz: But now it's all soooo boring. (1:45pm)
DrPantz: And I am golden handcuffed - too good at what I do to get to do anything else... hence the orneriness. (1:46pm)
DrPantz: So, I am going to do my best "Office Space" impersonation in this review. (1:46pm)
DJ MEOW: nice (1:49pm)
DrPantz: It's a weak attempt at rebellion. (1:50pm)
DrPantz: We're all impotent - no real power to affect any meaningful change. (1:51pm)
DrPantz: Happiness in Slavery, thanks Trent. (1:51pm)
DJ MEOW: True!! It's never enough for the MAN. (1:53pm)
DrPantz: I wish the man would just fuck off and die. (1:58pm)
DJ MEOW: Meow Out!!xoxo (1:58pm)