Chatroom History
August 22, 2019 8:00pm - 10:18pm

timmmii: here we are (8:19pm)
timmmii: oh yeah (8:25pm)
turd ferguson: hola - missed ur last live show but i%u2019m back!! great show tonight (8:53pm)
timmmii: thanks man (8:55pm)
turd ferguson: was in london and ur on at like 4am there (8:58pm)
timmmii: ah (9:08pm)
timmmii: well its london (9:08pm)
timmmii: i will be there in a few months (9:08pm)
turd ferguson: well i had just gotten over the jetlag but if i had gone a few days later i would have probably been up at 4am lol (9:09pm)
turd ferguson: UK is weird, i couldn't get used to the backwards traffic, almost got killed a couple of times (9:10pm)
turd ferguson: but anyway it was awesome (9:10pm)
timmmii: did you bike there (9:14pm)
turd ferguson: nope just walking / tube / bus... 60 miles of walking (9:14pm)
timmmii: nice (9:23pm)
turd ferguson: wow i saw active child at the independent once, forgot about him (9:31pm)
turd ferguson: plays the harp right? (9:32pm)
timmmii: yes (9:36pm)
timmmii: i saw that show (9:36pm)
timmmii: school of seven bells? (9:36pm)
turd ferguson: yes i was racking my brain trying to remember who he opened for (9:37pm)
turd ferguson: was going to say dengue fever but you are right (9:37pm)
timmmii: having a rave moment (9:40pm)
turd ferguson: haha (9:41pm)
timmmii: it's VERY loud in the studio (9:43pm)
timmmii: oh this new Datach'i i just discovered (9:45pm)
timmmii: it's very good (9:45pm)
turd ferguson: missed it my wife was yakkin' at me (9:52pm)
turd ferguson: i'll check it out (9:52pm)
turd ferguson: nite! (9:58pm)
timmmii: good evening sir (9:58pm)