Chatroom History
September 12, 2019 8:00pm - 10:29pm

turd ferguson: dang man busy busy (8:01pm)
timmmii: it was only supposed to be the hamilton show (8:03pm)
timmmii: damn massive attack (8:04pm)
turd ferguson: where did they play? i knew about tycho but didnt know massive attack would be around (8:06pm)
timmmii: bill graham (8:09pm)
timmmii: it was originally in march (8:09pm)
timmmii: they postponed (8:09pm)
turd ferguson: ah that explains it (8:10pm)
turd ferguson: man i keep meaning to go download the tycho burningman set... gotta get my act together (8:27pm)
timmmii: i don't think it's downloadable (8:29pm)
timmmii: it's on soundcloud (8:29pm)
turd ferguson: chatbox eating my chats again... (8:41pm)
timmmii: eek (8:43pm)
timmmii: i find the shorter the better (8:43pm)
turd ferguson: yeah (8:44pm)
turd ferguson: anyway there are extensions (8:44pm)
turd ferguson: for firefox that let you DL SC (8:44pm)
timmmii: oh (8:44pm)
timmmii: yes, very cool (8:45pm)
timmmii: this track caught my ear (8:45pm)
timmmii: it's unusual (8:45pm)
turd ferguson: yeah i liked that, never heard of her (8:48pm)
turd ferguson: this datachi'i has some real BoC feel (8:48pm)
timmmii: i was just going to say that (8:48pm)
timmmii: hah (8:49pm)
timmmii: very much (8:49pm)
timmmii: i don't know Karen Gwyer either (8:49pm)
timmmii: i need to listen to this album (8:49pm)
timmmii: datachi'i (8:49pm)
timmmii: only hear this track (8:49pm)
timmmii: i like the cover (8:50pm)
timmmii: of the album (8:50pm)
turd ferguson: like painting with a knife (8:51pm)
timmmii: yeah i dig it (8:51pm)
timmmii: first new m83 single (9:02pm)
turd ferguson: very different, but seems to be the last track (9:04pm)
turd ferguson: on the album, so maybe that explains the mellow (9:04pm)
timmmii: yes (9:06pm)
timmmii: odd first track to release (9:06pm)
timmmii: i like this a lot (9:22pm)
turd ferguson: ah now i get it, kodomo means 'child' in japanese (9:40pm)
turd ferguson: chris child (9:40pm)
timmmii: ha, funny (9:44pm)
turd ferguson: alright see you next week godwilling (9:59pm)