Chatroom History
September 19, 2019 8:00pm - 10:15pm

ed: hey timmmii... long time. how art thou? (8:17pm)
timmmii: pretty good, how are you (8:23pm)
timmmii: it's been a crazy summer (8:23pm)
ed: what happened? (8:27pm)
ed: i am well... i am moving back to la, start teaching up again...alone for the 1st time in my life. exciting times...! (8:28pm)
ed: great times in germany (8:28pm)
timmmii: oh, a close friend got diagnosed with a brain tumor (8:31pm)
ed: subtractive skies track has a tangerine dream quality... (8:31pm)
ed: oh shit (8:31pm)
timmmii: steve hauschildt is excellent (8:31pm)
ed: dreamy (8:31pm)
timmmii: and being a dad to a crazy toddler, also crazy (8:31pm)
ed: how is she? (8:31pm)
timmmii: he's good (8:32pm)
ed: sorry (8:32pm)
ed: :) (8:32pm)
ed: good to hear (8:32pm)
ed: you and wife look happy and well on fb... alles gute alles klar...(all is well) (8:33pm)
ed: god i love royksopp! (8:36pm)
timmmii: yeah this is good (8:39pm)
turd ferguson: that was good, love that older royksopp (8:41pm)
ed: this dominik eulberg is so godhead. brilliant track (8:52pm)
timmmii: oh my yes (9:04pm)
ed: this sau poler track is nice... (9:13pm)
ed: 4 on the floor...! (9:20pm)
timmmii: yep (9:20pm)
ed: :) nice building...layering crunchy (9:22pm)
ed: djrum... fucking hard core awesome (9:44pm)
ed: i'm in a little city called 'trier'..oldest city in germany... 2000 yr old roman it (9:48pm)
turd ferguson: night! (9:59pm)
timmmii: goodnight (10:07pm)
a website called "radio valencia".: your name does not support the language element. (10:11pm)