Chatroom History
October 10, 2019 8:00pm - 10:21pm

timmmii: it's good to be here, back in Nam (8:12pm)
turd ferguson: good to see(?) you back (8:14pm)
timmmii: yes, back in action (8:21pm)
timmmii: went to see Morrissey last thurs, (8:21pm)
timmmii: a friend had an extra, last minute (8:21pm)
turd ferguson: morrissey - dang. almost every morrissey show i've tried to see has been canceled at the last minute (8:27pm)
turd ferguson: and even when i saw the smiths once morrissey quit early (8:27pm)
timmmii: me too! (8:27pm)
timmmii: that's why i had to try (8:27pm)
timmmii: oh wow you saw the smiths (8:27pm)
timmmii: he was still morrissey (8:28pm)
turd ferguson: yah back in like 86 at irvine meadows (8:28pm)
timmmii: nice (8:28pm)
timmmii: he played several smiths songs (8:28pm)
timmmii: was surprised (8:28pm)
turd ferguson: i guess he's made peace with that?? i saw him at the paramount (8:29pm)
turd ferguson: but i cant remember if there were any smiths songs (8:29pm)
timmmii: how soon is now was clsoer (8:29pm)
timmmii: that joke isn't funny anymore (8:30pm)
timmmii: couple others (8:30pm)
turd ferguson: hand in glove would be good live (8:30pm)
timmmii: he ripped his shirt off at the end (8:30pm)
timmmii: which was ... weird (8:30pm)
turd ferguson: oh morrissey (8:30pm)
timmmii: indeed (8:30pm)
timmmii: i have video (8:30pm)
turd ferguson: it burns us (8:31pm)
timmmii: are you busy next saturday? (8:37pm)
turd ferguson: wow crazy are you renting a big venue? (8:47pm)
timmmii: not that big (8:47pm)
timmmii: i mean, the whole thing is purposely over the top (8:47pm)
timmmii: it's a friend's space (8:47pm)
timmmii: converted church (8:47pm)
turd ferguson: i spent my 50th hiding out lol (8:47pm)
timmmii: i opted to go big (8:47pm)
timmmii: it's been a lot of work (8:47pm)
vj pussycat: bumps not bombs hahaha (8:48pm)
sonny jim: I want to make history with Timmmii (8:49pm)
timmmii: it's for the people (8:50pm)
timmmii: you can sign up via that site (8:50pm)
timmmii: emails have been going out (8:50pm)
timmmii: wow these lyrics (8:51pm)
timmmii: sonny jim - i still don't know who you are (8:53pm)
timmmii: whee (9:27pm)
sonny jim: who is anyone really (9:33pm)
sonny jim: Bnjmn wow (9:33pm)
sonny jim: smooooth (9:34pm)
turd ferguson: do u know when this floating points is out? (9:35pm)
timmmii: next week (9:38pm)
timmmii: and wow it's different (9:38pm)
timmmii: i dig (9:38pm)
turd ferguson: i keep checking itunes every week and disappointed by grey tracks... (9:41pm)
sonny jim: reminds me of school of seven bells (9:43pm)
sonny jim: loved that (9:44pm)
turd ferguson: yes (9:50pm)
timmmii: jenny hval is awsome (9:57pm)
turd ferguson: aight hear you next week! (9:59pm)
vj pussycat: happy birthday timmmii (10:00pm)
timmmii: thanks! (10:11pm)