Chatroom History
October 11, 2019 10:00am - 1:29pm

BabyShark : Good day and happy salutations (10:04am)
Professional: Faco's in the haus (10:09am)
Professional: shit is dope (10:14am)
Professional: what song was before tommy lee jones? (10:42am)
Professional: explosions? (10:42am)
Professional: love it thnx! (10:44am)
BabyShark: Yes request for the following: (10:46am)
BabyShark: La Luz- Call Me In the Day (10:47am)
itsfaco: wassup Professional (10:56am)
itsfaco: wassup BabyShark (10:56am)
itsfaco: shouts (10:56am)
itsfaco: out (10:56am)
itsfaco: to (10:56am)
itsfaco: all (10:56am)
BabyShark: Top drawer (10:58am)
BabyShark: Cheers mate (10:59am)
Professional: 89' vision brotha (11:00am)
Professional: sublime im hooked homie (11:00am)
itsfaco: Its 11 11 (11:11am)
itsfaco: shouts out to all (11:11am)
Professional: na too much infrastructure (11:17am)
Professional: north dakota dont got shit runnin thru the ground (11:18am)
Professional: DEW'S (11:19am)
Professional: LOOK IT UP!!! (11:19am)
BabyShark: Portable power station (11:23am)
BabyShark: $150 (11:23am)
BabyShark: Kurt is a superbabe (11:26am)
Professional: the ranting is the best (11:35am)
itsfaco: hahaha thx (11:40am)
itsfaco: PORTABLE (11:41am)
itsfaco: POWER (11:41am)
itsfaco: STATION (11:41am)
Professional: wrestler dope (11:47am)
Jyeah : My name is FIRE I%u2019m a conduit unearthed thru the vessel via Faco (1:24pm)
Jyeah : TRUTH B TOLD (1:25pm)
Jyeah : volcanic show byes (1:25pm)
Jyeah : *btws (1:26pm)