Chatroom History
March 15, 2020 2:00pm - 2:33pm

Dial: Bring it (2:01pm)
Holly: Listening (2:09pm)
malderor: got dropped.. back now. (2:14pm)
Metaskeptik: Dont play Infected (2:16pm)
malderor: no chance! (2:17pm)
Metaskeptik: Stream does sound better at 196k (2:17pm)
malderor: annoyingly I got online and everything was peachy, and I iplugged it on the internet, and immediately dropped signal. (2:17pm)
malderor: it's a catastrophe! or THE catastrophe! (2:19pm)
netzard: Digging apocalypse radio (2:22pm)
malderor: Fun fact: I didn't know that was a Joy Division cover when I first heard it. (2:25pm)
malderor: i have some extremely distressing news. (2:27pm)
malderor: we're almost out of While Claw. (2:28pm)
Metaskeptik: Harvester Of Sorrow by Metallica (2:28pm)
malderor: perhaps, i wasn't planning to go too punk or heavy this time, but here we are at kiling joke already, so who knows? (2:28pm)
netzard: Angel of Death by Slayer (2:30pm)
Holly: Frozen foods/non perishables for 2 weeks and flu meds (but not too much) (2:33pm)
Metaskeptik: So Ronrey by Team America? (2:33pm)