Chatroom History
March 21, 2020 6:00pm - 6:32pm

netzard: digging the st so far (6:12pm)
dustypants: thank you (6:13pm)
dustypants: nerve wracking, not sure how steve does it solo (6:13pm)
malderor: what's happening? (6:19pm)
malderor: are you live remoting from the cheap hooch lair/ (6:21pm)
malderor: ? (6:21pm)
malderor: ? (6:21pm)
malderor: i am getting partial information. (6:21pm)
dustypants: from my house in Oakland (6:22pm)
dustypants: i'm an IT dude, so i have gear and shit to do this (6:23pm)
malderor: sweet (6:23pm)
malderor: thanks for sparing us for the fucking rerun gods. (6:23pm)
dustypants: LOL (6:25pm)
Frankenstein: Oh hey! (6:28pm)
malderor: what kind of mic are you using? (6:29pm)
netzard: Hi Merisa! (6:30pm)