Chatroom History
March 29, 2020 2:00pm - 2:31pm

DJ Meow: great to hear familiar voices!! keep the music going! (2:07pm)
malderor: hi DJ Meow! (2:16pm)
malderor: you must return to us when this is all over! (2:16pm)
DJ Meow: definitely!! miss you guys!! (2:17pm)
DJ Meow: there are 2 store fronts in front of my building. i am sure more. we will rebuild (2:18pm)
Metaskeptik: Guten Morgan! (2:19pm)
DJ Meow: thanks for keeping on! it got me out of bed and into the world! (2:20pm)
malderor: we have our eye on a spot next door to the makeout room. it's perfect. (2:21pm)
malderor: hopefully we can survive with enough DJs to make it happen. (2:21pm)
malderor: Ramos Fizzes are underway! (2:25pm)
DJ Meow: doing shots of jamison! did you reach out to Dial a shot? his birthday yesterday! (2:26pm)
malderor: i did! he didnt answer. let's do a remote shot anyway! (2:28pm)
HollyHooch: Listening! (2:29pm)
malderor: hi holly hooch! (2:30pm)
DJ Meow: he returned my texts! great to hear from him!! (2:31pm)
DJ Meow: YAAAA Holly hooch!! (2:31pm)