Chatroom History
April 19, 2020 2:00pm - 2:31pm

netzard: Groovy covers (2:07pm)
malderor: not covers. original versions. (2:07pm)
malderor: well, except for Shey's picks. (2:19pm)
Red: Afternoon (Evening) mate (2:21pm)
Red: How ya doing? (2:21pm)
malderor: fair-to-moderate. how's yerself? (2:21pm)
Red: Doing ok mate considering the crazy times (2:23pm)
Red: Doubt we will be doing any gifs this year (2:24pm)
malderor: we were trying to do a much more jolly episode this week, but the world isn't quite that jolly. (2:24pm)
malderor: agreed. (2:24pm)
Red: At moment Glasgow, Kubix, Berlin and Beautiful Days are on but I'm expecting all to be cancelled (2:25pm)
Red: You'll still have to come over and stay here next year (2:25pm)
Red: Don't forget to play Leon's track if ya can (2:26pm)
malderor: i just want them to punt everything to next summer so i can solidify my plans. (2:26pm)
Red: I should have been at another Blackballed gig tonight (2:26pm)
Red: I reckon we may still get Nottingham, London, Amsterdam and Kln (Hopefully) (2:27pm)
Red: Kln (2:27pm)
Red: Koln (2:27pm)
malderor: this is a first. miley cyrus on my radio show. (2:28pm)
Red: Prefer the Sisters of Mercy cover of Jolene ir the original 7 inch played at 33rpm (2:28pm)