Chatroom History
June 7, 2020 2:00pm - 2:31pm

malderor: and we're off. (2:00pm)
Dial: 3,2,1-Go (2:08pm)
Shabbir: Oh I missed the first few minutes (2:10pm)
Shabbir: Holy crap I know that sample (2:10pm)
malderor: Six year old song. That could have been written yesterday. (2:12pm)
Shabbir: Damn (2:13pm)
King Rat: This heres some good radio (2:16pm)
malderor: thanks for listening (2:20pm)
Shabbir: Thanks for the shout out. Unnecessary but appreciated (2:21pm)
malderor: attribution is important. (2:22pm)
SheyFromTheBay: Hey Shabbir, I used your samples for the promo video, too. (2:22pm)
malderor: on IG (2:22pm)
SheyFromTheBay: Thank you. (2:22pm)
Shabbir: Oh cool! (2:22pm)
Shabbir: At the radiovalencia if? I don't see it (2:24pm)
SheyFromTheBay: look for #curatedcatastrophe or follow me @sheystrebel (2:26pm)