Chatroom History
February 6, 2023 4:00pm - 4:32pm

Metaskeptik: Hola! (4:06pm)
Metaskeptik: Give Me The High by Izo Fitzroy (4:06pm)
Metaskeptik: If 6 Was 9 by Corey Henry, Corey Glover (4:09pm)
Metaskeptik: I'll Be Strong by Lulu And The Cowtippers (4:12pm)
DarthNibbler: Mornin%u2019 (4:13pm)
Metaskeptik: Hey dude (4:15pm)
Metaskeptik: Movin' Out by My Strange Friend (4:16pm)
DarthNibbler: We (4:17pm)
DarthNibbler: How%u2019s it? (4:17pm)
Metaskeptik: OK. Wifif down so I'm using my phone (4:18pm)
Metaskeptik: Rollin' and Tumblin' by Jive n Direct (4:20pm)
Metaskeptik: Last 3 bands, all from SLO (4:20pm)
DarthNibbler: I was expecting %u201CApril is the cruelest monh%u2026%u201D (4:25pm)
Metaskeptik: The Love Song Of J. Alfred Prufrock by T.S. Eliot (4:26pm)
Metaskeptik: That poem is a joke (4:26pm)
Metaskeptik: #footnoteoverload (4:28pm)
Metaskeptik: Footnotes are NOT poetic (4:28pm)
DarthNibbler: Yeah I have some literature ptsd from the wasteland in college (4:28pm)
DarthNibbler: I bet Eliot was a pretentious drunk lol (4:30pm)