Chatroom History
January 10, 2016 6:00pm - 8:30pm

ALOEVWHITT: hey hey hey people's (6:01pm)
Seth Koozer: SUP AL (6:02pm)
ALOEVWHITT: koozer in the house (6:03pm)
Seth Koozer: Time off work, no other place I'd rather be dawg (6:06pm)
ALOEVWHITT: Word (6:06pm)
Seth Koozer: Cleaning headquarters, listenin to illcon (6:06pm)
Seth Koozer: ERIK IN THA HOUSE (6:07pm)
sara murphy: Erik in studio?! (6:07pm)
ALOEVWHITT: yes (6:08pm)
Seth Koozer: Erik, your levels don't sound right (6:08pm)
sara murphy: Hahahaha (6:08pm)
Seth Koozer: Turn him up a little (6:08pm)
Seth Koozer: lol (6:09pm)
Seth Koozer: How the hell does Frsiman get money to fly around so much? (6:10pm)
ALOEVWHITT: Walmart money? (6:11pm)
KORN-Y: he makes a lot being a notery public (6:14pm)
Seth Koozer: #batmanshitcrazy (6:18pm)
Shally Corba, Comedy Professional: episode title for sure (6:21pm)
Shelby The Comedy Man: that name didnt fit (6:22pm)
Seth Koozer: Sly Stallone just won a Golden Globe for CREED (6:24pm)
Shelby The Comedy Man: anus scrimm is dead (6:25pm)
Shelby The Comedy Man: all hail anus scrimm (6:25pm)
Seth Koozer: BOOOOOOOOOOOY (6:25pm)
Seth Koozer: You guys are dicks lol (6:29pm)
Seth Koozer: Angus, damnit, show some respect (6:29pm)
Seth Koozer: little midget people can carry Cory away (6:30pm)
Shelby The Comedy Man: trust us, we're professional comedians (6:32pm)
Hot Dog Menu: *spoiler alert* (6:36pm)
Shelby The Comedy Man: anus alert (6:37pm)
Seth Koozer: Who gives a shit about VHS tapes anymore? Fuckin nerds (6:38pm)
Shelby The Comedy Man: its all about that lazerdisc (6:40pm)
sara murphy: Yessss the return of Second Life chat! (6:41pm)
Seth Koozer: Take a drink everyone (6:41pm)
Seth Koozer: Where are the pizza friends? (6:42pm)
Shelby The Comedy Man: pizza PALS (6:43pm)
Hot Dog Menu: Is this an instructional radio show? Teach me how to facebook. (6:43pm)
Seth Koozer: Damn, my bad (6:43pm)
Seth Koozer: I remember the last time the pizza pals were on, I called in to promote the first ep of TVP - it was Illcon After Nights (6:44pm)
Seth Koozer: Frisman was on the ep too (6:44pm)
Hot Dog Menu: real talk: Alex Winter should do a second life doc. (6:44pm)
Shelby The Comedy Man: Frisman will be here on tuesday (6:46pm)
ALOEVWHITT: Interesting (6:46pm)
Shelby The Comedy Man: im picking him up at the airport (6:46pm)
Seth Koozer: Give him a kiss for me (6:51pm)
Shelby The Comedy Man: oh i will (6:53pm)
nocalal: nicholas roeg great movie (6:58pm)
Seth Koozer: Faces of Death animal stuff was mainly staged (7:00pm)
Seth Koozer: pussy (7:00pm)
mas coad: faked monkey brain eating? (7:02pm)
Seth Koozer: yup (7:02pm)
Seth Koozer: Date night - let's rent a Lars von Trier movie lol (7:03pm)
KORN-Y: lol (7:03pm)
Tuna Salad Smoothie: Dark Dungeon Music (7:15pm)
nocalal: saw Genesis live (7:18pm)
Shelby The Comedy Man: congrats (7:19pm)
Seth Koozer: Erik is so quite tonight (7:27pm)
Shelby The Comedy Man: hes thinking (7:27pm)
Erik: my mic was literally off for the first hour. Also I'm extremely hungover (7:28pm)
KORN-Y: it wasnt off erik (7:28pm)
KORN-Y: jesus (7:28pm)
Erik: literally off (7:29pm)
ALOEVWHITT: like literally (7:29pm)
Seth Koozer: Hungover at 7:30 pm? You've had enough time to start drinking Erik (7:30pm)
Seth Koozer: weak excuse (7:31pm)
Erik: oh I'm drinking (7:32pm)
Seth Koozer: better be (7:33pm)
Shelby The Comedy Man: quit heckling seth (7:33pm)
Shelby The Comedy Man: we're trying so hard (7:34pm)
Seth Koozer: I'm sorry, it's been a depressing week. I need to rag on something or somebody (7:34pm)
ALOEVWHITT: Kooz im sorry about Tom Osbourne bro (7:35pm)
Seth Koozer: rip (7:35pm)
Gwildor: Is this vocals because of a deathcore influence? (7:40pm)
muscles mccoy: sargeant d probably loves this band. (7:46pm)
ALOEVWHITT: oh lord (7:46pm)
Gwildor: Is this eighteen visions (7:46pm)
sara murphy: I hate the band name but the song is ok (7:50pm)
ALOEVWHITT: ^^^^^ (7:56pm)
sara murphy: See you dudes on Tuesday! (7:59pm)
nocalal: fun show...I'm so proud of you all. (8:01pm)