Chatroom History
May 1, 2016 6:00pm - 8:26pm

Stephen: I need some sixth dimensional being updates. Is my DNA aligned or what? (6:01pm)
ALVSURE: Wow is this painful (6:04pm)
ALVSURE: pull the plug cory (6:04pm)
dipperz_enthusiast: freeman's Prince conspiracy anyone? (6:16pm)
Stephen: *does push ups* (6:16pm)
dipperz_enthusiast: its ridiculous (6:17pm)
dipperz_enthusiast: shelby's prerrt close (6:17pm)
Stephen: Shelby works so much he can afford to have a butler pull up his bootstraps. (6:20pm)
Sara Murphy: Shelby works almost as much as he talks about working (6:20pm)
Sara Murphy: Hi Stephen! (6:21pm)
Stephen: HELLO MURPH. (6:21pm)
dipperz_enthusiast: house punx? (6:21pm)
fema: new punk body spray called: REEK (6:23pm)
Stephen: HIGH COLLARS (6:24pm)
dipperz_enthusiast: phat pants or tight on men? (6:24pm)
Stephen: cargo shorts (6:24pm)
ALVSURE: #ShelbysPunkFashionTip (6:25pm)
Stephen: and those crocs that look like mary janes (6:25pm)
dipperz_enthusiast: what were you wearing Shelby!?!?!! (6:25pm)
Stephen: Suck you BISS (6:26pm)
Tombstone Tammy: Whutter THOOOOOOOOOOOOOOSE (6:26pm)
dipperz_enthusiast: the halston of punk!!!! (6:27pm)
Stephen: WORK CHAT (6:28pm)
FEMA: Where can we download the WOW sond effect? (6:28pm)
Stephen: they aren't. (6:28pm)
Pus bukket: Is it cool 2 chat here if I'm not listening to jack shit and never will? (6:30pm)
Stephen: Wefl'd (6:30pm)
Pus bukket: Stephen in realtime. I neve thought it would happen to me. (6:31pm)
FEMA: Bubbles is also a character on trailer park boys (6:32pm)
Stephen: I have the Raptors game turned down as I listen to this. Cory's excitement is a delight. (6:34pm)
ALVSURE: What is the score of the Raptors game? (6:35pm)
dipperz_enthusiast: i wish i had ill con sound fx on my phone (6:36pm)
Stephen: 61-49 Raptors lead. (6:36pm)
ALVSURE: aha (6:36pm)
ALVSURE: They are a fun team , hope they can get past the 1st round. (6:36pm)
dipperz_enthusiast: pus, you listen to jack shit too?! (6:37pm)
Hide the Bodies : Who's the guest? Missed the intro (6:37pm)
ALVSURE: Allee Willis (6:37pm)
Pus bukket: Allee is legit! Tell her I love "september". (6:39pm)
Pus bukket: Talk to her about pus bukket's praise. (6:41pm)
Stephen: MAKE SURE IT'S TWO K'S (6:41pm)
FEMA: (6:44pm)
Tombstone Tammy: But how low does prince's loaf hang? (6:45pm)
Stephen: Raptors pulling away. Drake just edged closer to the edge of CN tower. (6:46pm)
Stephen: edged closer to the edge...I need an editor. (6:46pm)
Stephen: I'll never, ever forget duck bush. (6:47pm)
FEMA: Start a podcast pus, and get alee on, and praise her (6:52pm)
FEMA: (6:54pm)
Stephen: I HATE ROSS GELLAR (6:54pm)
Pus bukket: I have no klout. I want sh'lermo to do it on my behalf. I trust his pronunciation. (6:54pm)
ALVSURE: You should : P (6:54pm)
FEMA: (6:55pm)
Stephen: Rachel was a sociopath. (6:55pm)
ALVSURE: how could they afford those apartments with those jobs (6:56pm)
ALVSURE: sheesh (6:56pm)
dipperz_enthusiast: Kory shoould take it over (6:56pm)
FEMA: Does anybody have some good Jenkem? (6:57pm)
Stephen: Not Shelby...he can't poop (6:57pm)
ALVSURE: Stephen you had me chuckle with that #shelbypoopjoke (6:58pm)
Stephen: #yesallshelbypoops (6:59pm)
ALVSURE: #Shelbymucilishissecret (7:00pm)
Stephen: That plug just loosened Shelby's plug. (7:03pm)
Pus bukket: FEMA I made this for Mike Dikk an actual decade ago and he never used it. I loan it to you interest free. (7:03pm)
Stephen: #itsflowingnow (7:03pm)
Poundtown: Did somebody block FEMA (7:05pm)
dipperz_enthusiast: nice! jenkemania, haha (7:06pm)
Pus bukket: Unblokk him with fibre (7:06pm)
dipperz_enthusiast: why FEMA got blocked? (7:06pm)
dipperz_enthusiast: he doesnt derve it man!! (7:07pm)
Pus bukket: A Diet of pure pepperoni and cheese. (7:07pm)
Stephen: Cory just going down the phonebook now. (7:07pm)
Tombstone Tammy: FACKIN SAAX just tied it up with a 2 run DINGER BRO'S (7:08pm)
ALVSURE: we can'tblock on the chatterbox (7:08pm)
Tombstone Tammy: My feed cut out. Did my sportstalk get me booted?! (7:10pm)
Stephen: Doug and Dave was my favorite Nike commercial. (7:10pm)
ALVSURE: and they sucked in the 1992 olympics (7:10pm)
Tombstone Tammy: DAN n Dave bro... (7:11pm)
ALVSURE: lol (7:11pm)
Tombstone Tammy: But he sure performed like a DOUG (7:11pm)
Tombstone Tammy: DOUGS CANT DUNK (7:11pm)
ALVSURE: (7:12pm)
Stephen: She's got a strong looking forearm. Probably does pushups all the way to final jeopardy. (7:12pm)
ALVSURE: love how espn still milks the red sox/yankees series (7:13pm)
Poundtown: dicks. (7:13pm)
Tombstone Tammy: Until the Yankees are relevant again? (7:13pm)
Stephen: I'm a Yankees fan and it drives me bananas. Those games make me mental. (7:13pm)
Tombstone Tammy: 2004 24/7/365/420 ALL DAY (7:14pm)
ALVSURE: or 2003 (7:14pm)
ALVSURE: that was compelling shit (7:14pm)
Tombstone Tammy: Aaron FACKIN Boone can suck it. (7:15pm)
Tombstone Tammy: I just wish Schilling didn't turn out to be Turdboy5000 (7:15pm)
Stephen: Fuck 2003 forever. Curt and his bloody sock can burn in sick hell. (7:15pm)
ALVSURE: lol well his dumbass decided to play basketball (7:16pm)
Tombstone Tammy: I disavow anything Curt Schilling post 2004 (7:16pm)
ALVSURE: Schilling is a grade jerk off (7:16pm)
ALVSURE: grade A (7:16pm)
Stephen: I am advanced in circles. (7:16pm)
Stephen: Crops...medium. (7:16pm)
Tombstone Tammy: What grade did you A jerk of? (7:16pm)
ALVSURE: I like my hamburgers like my crop circles medium well (7:17pm)
Tombstone Tammy: Humans made the iPhone CORY (7:17pm)
Stephen: I didn't jerk it until I was 17. (7:17pm)
Pus bukket: 13 and it was a surprise. (7:18pm)
Tombstone Tammy: 31 and it was a let down. (7:18pm)
ALVSURE: I was 32 feel ya tombstone (7:19pm)
Tombstone Tammy: Wait, we talking jerkin your OWN loaf? Oh...think I was 12 (7:19pm)
Pus bukket: Tammy You just flipped my numbers you biter (7:19pm)
Stephen: Let's talk about expulsion cavities. (7:19pm)
ALVSURE: crop circle jerks (7:19pm)
Stephen: Elongated expulsion cavities. BLASTED. This is the best Ill Con EVER. (7:20pm)
Stephen: This is like a wheat bukakke. (7:21pm)
ALVSURE: early in the morning there is a lot of dew (7:21pm)
Stephen: Cory, work the word MOIST into this interview. (7:22pm)
Stephen: New euphemism- taking a guy into the crop circles. (7:22pm)
Stephen: This is too much. (7:23pm)
Tombstone Tammy: I turn my vibrations off in settings. (7:24pm)
Tombstone Tammy: Does she have Pams #? (7:24pm)
Stephen: If she's got Judy's # CALL ME. (7:25pm)
Stephen: MOIST (7:26pm)
fio: What does she know about Star of David crop circles? (7:26pm)
ALVSURE: Soy Vey (7:28pm)
Stephen: Like Red Shoe Diaries, but with more chaff. (7:28pm)
Tombstone Tammy: Pesroia got ROBBED. Though that was a double (7:28pm)
ALVSURE: Pedofiledroia (7:28pm)
fio: "Soy vey" holy shit hahahaha (7:29pm)
Stephen: I got a B in geometry, so I got it. (7:29pm)
ALVSURE: So you are above medium (7:30pm)
Stephen: I didn't want to brag. (7:30pm)
ALVSURE: Stephen you are in Tennessee (7:31pm)
Stephen: Yes? (7:31pm)
Pus bukket: A/s/L (7:32pm)
ALVSURE: Did you go to UT-K or Vandy? (7:32pm)
Tombstone Tammy: What kind of sick kicks you rocking tonight Al? (7:32pm)
Stephen: UT-K for a spell (7:32pm)
rick wakeman: saurian/ancient/hollow earth (7:32pm)
Tombstone Tammy: Great, a Harry Potter pun... (7:32pm)
Pus bukket: Oh not too far! (7:32pm)
ALVSURE: you know New Balances (7:32pm)
ALVSURE: per susual (7:32pm)
Tombstone Tammy: Leave the Al jokes to Al. (7:33pm)
Pus bukket: Potter pun sounds kinda delish homie (7:33pm)
Stephen: I can't believe no one touched "coming through water" (7:33pm)
Sara Murphy: STARMAP FOR YER BROS (7:33pm)
Tombstone Tammy: Avoid that narrow path my G -PhifeD (7:33pm)
Stephen: ...soon (7:34pm)
ALVSURE: Raptors won, congrats (7:34pm)
ALVSURE: for Drake (7:34pm)
Tombstone Tammy: Nobody has cared about Canadian basketball since the Expos dude. (7:35pm)
ALVSURE: totally (7:36pm)
rick wakeman: HIYOOOOO (7:36pm)
Stephen: whoooooo (7:36pm)
Stephen: OTTER POPS (7:37pm)
fio: Those strawberry shortcake popsicles (7:37pm)
Tombstone Tammy: Psssssah AHH Psssssssah PUSH UPS. PUSH UPS REAL GOOD. (7:38pm)
Stephen: PASS (7:39pm)
Stephen: Strawberry good humor bars or GTFO. (7:41pm)
Stephen: chunks of shed uterine lining. (7:42pm)
Stephen: Is the bay area close to Colorado? (7:45pm)
ALVSURE: about 12-16 hours (7:48pm)
Stephen: NO ROMO (7:48pm)
Tombstone Tammy: Welf would be SCREAMING about Stewatrs right now (7:51pm)
Tombstone Tammy: Al for mayor of Podcast Town (7:52pm)
pus bukket: I missed dessert chat? (7:52pm)
ALVSURE: Well fuck the giants (7:53pm)
Tombstone Tammy: No, it starts at 11 (7:53pm)
Tombstone Tammy: HOME RUN (7:53pm)
Stephen: Will subscribe YOU'RE WELCOME (7:53pm)
Tombstone Tammy: SOX UP 2 (7:53pm)
pus bukket: DmD all de wayyyy (7:53pm)
pus bukket: fuck I have to apply for dMd (7:54pm)
Tombstone Tammy: U ever toke DMD? (7:55pm)
pus bukket: I work all day and now I have to download a pdf to apply to a podcast (7:55pm)
pus bukket: u kno i havent tammy (7:55pm)
Tombstone Tammy: MORE SPORTS TALK (7:55pm)
Tombstone Tammy: ever butt chug it tho? (7:56pm)
pus bukket: u kno i have tammy (7:56pm)
pus bukket: holy shit anne magnusen (7:56pm)
pus bukket: can you skype me in for that one? (7:56pm)
pus bukket: I am a HUGE fan of Making Mr Right (7:56pm)
pus bukket: no joke (7:56pm)
Tombstone Tammy: DO IT BROS. For the bro. (7:56pm)
pus bukket: Al I'll watch it with you. We'll hold hands and absorb. (7:58pm)
pus bukket: if I just sit here, will I be inside death metal dads? (7:59pm)
ALVSURE: yes (7:59pm)
rick wakeman: mmmmm (7:59pm)
pus bukket: deep inside? (7:59pm)
rick wakeman: hawt (7:59pm)
pus bukket: me and horrocks we dem petshop boiz (8:00pm)