A Season in Hell
A Season in Hell #167: Honey Pot Radio!
March 24, 2014 @ 8:00pm


Honey Pot Radio has invaded A Season in Hell!

Are you wondering why there are so few songs listed below in a four hour show? These are not long songs, so what's the deal-y-o? I'll tell you what the deal-y-o is, homeboy, it's all about HONEY POT RADIO!!!

Oh crap, did we do this right tonight?!?!?!

For two hours DJ Justin Credible and myself, along with a cast of characters, including: Sargent Sauce, CyberSam, Wrybread, KROB, Pirate Verkeer, Daimo, Erica, Paul, Yaz, and whoever else showed up, livened up the Radio Valencia airwaves, by pranking about 20 or so callers, live on air!

Mostly Justin and I would cold call friends or Craigslist posts, disguise our voices, and get wicked with it. There are some real doosies in there.

It went beyond midnight, but that's when I took off. I couldn't handle any more King Cobra.

The question you're all going to want answered is: when y'all going to do this again???

You'll just have to tune in and find out. This show is pretty ridiculous, even for me.



Rocked by Rape: Evolution Control Committee
Blue Flowers: Dr. Octogon
To All the Girls/Shake Your Rump: Beastie Boys

It Grows at Night: Kalrissian
Baby's on Fire: RUOK

Rubber Ducky: Sesame Street Fever
Deep Inside Your Cosmic Body Erotic: Annie Sprinkle

Honey Pot will rock your world!

It's pretty much all prank phone calls between 9PM and 1AM.