A Season in Hell
A Season in Hell #169: Blood Moon
April 14, 2014 @ 8:00pm


San Francisco doesn't need any full moon's to know it's a crazy town. Its rich history speaks for itself. From Mark Twain, to Emperor Norton; from Vincent Hallinan to Jim Jones, San Francisco has always been a place where creativity, social justice, underworld crime, psychedelia and the pHreAk scene meet to get neat, while pounding out a sublime beat.

I love that tonight is the Blood Moon lunar eclipse, and that it's too foggy in SF to actually see it. Oh, but don't you fret, for the savors of us all, those with the GLASS, will be certain to be looking at the skies telling GLASS to take it all down for posterity, for us weaker fools who cannot (read: will not) "rise" to their level of being in with the technology crowd.

I would rather miss the Blood Moon, than have blood on my hands for what is happening to my beloved town. I've officially called this city my home since February 1997, when I moved in with my former wife, but I've lived in the Bay Area since I moved here with my family in December 1982; spending most of my years in San Mateo, but trucking up to the City every chance I could get to hit shows at the I-Beam, the Nightbreak, Full Moon Saloon, The Stone, Paradise Lounge, DNA, you name it, I was probably there from 88-present. I love this city. I've loved this city. Is there still a way to love it some more?

Tonight's show rocks! Just look at the playlist and I think you will agree.



A Season in Hell with John Hell
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Up in Smoke: Cheech and Chong
I Heard in on the X: Olivelawn
Feelin Alright: Grand Funk Railroad

Leather Uppers: Men's Club
Big Railroad Blues: Grateful Dead
Flower in the Sun: Big Brother and the Holding Company

Voodoo Child: Jimi Hendrix (Live in Hawaii)
Let me Love you, Baby: Buddy Guy
B'Movie Boxcar Blues/Flip, Flop and Fly: Blues Brothers

Ditch: Jon Spencer
Lick Skillet: Radio Moscow
Changes: The Cherubs

Somebody to Love: Moonalice
Swap Meet: Nirvana
Notes and Chords Mean Nothing to Me: The Monkeywrench
One for the Ladies: Faraway Brothers

Cortez the Killer: Neil Young

High Roller: Cheap Trick
Shit Storm/Youth of America: The Melvins

Got to Get Better in a Little While: Derek and the Dominoes