The Metal Asylum
The Metal Asylum - 5/17/14 - filling in for Dj Jody 'the Last Angry Manny' and the Metal Bone Zone
May 17, 2014 @ 12:00pm


The Metal Asylum -filling in for Dj Jody 'the Last Angry Manny' and the Metal Bone Zone

"An asylum for the sane would be empty in America." -George Bernard Shaw

12:12pm: Clouds Over California by Devil Driver

12:14pm: Possibilities of an Impossible Existence by White Chapel

12:18pm: Until I Feel Nothing by Carnifex

12:22pm: The Grip Tightens by Revocation

12:29pm: 1811 Live at the Chris Club Vallejo by West Cost Fury

12:33pm: Destroy and Dominate by Potential Threat

12:40pm: Live at the Chris Club by Cursed

12:44pm: In Times of Wars and Worries by Conducting from the Grave

12:53pm: Sealed in Resin by Embryonic Devourment

12:58pm: Shotgun Facelift by Purification by Fire

13:12pm: Alterbeast - Throne of Maggots

13:14pm: Logistic Slaughter - Innocence Proves Nothing

13:18pm: Parasitic Ejaculation - Expelling Urethral Vomit

13:22pm: Septicaemia - Parasitism


13:33pm: Warscythe-Elemental Fusion-Contorted Records

13:44pm DeathgraVe promo #


13:53pm: Lycus - Aghast

The Metal Asylum This is where it all goes down! The finest Thrash, Death, Speed, Black, NWOBHM, Hardcore, Doom, Sludge, Progressive, Noise, and Post-metal brought to you by \'The Girl Next Door.\' DJ Jody brings you to the brink of hearing loss and back again, just in time for lunch.