Rampage Radio
Podcast Episode #61 - Rampage Radio-6/1/14-w/ Djs Themighty Zee & Todd Owens!
June 1, 2014 @ 2:00am


Rampage Radio - 6/1/14 - w/ Djs Themighty Zee & Todd Owens!

"Success and failure. We think of them as opposites, but they're really not. They're companions - the hero and the

sidekick." -Laurence Shames

2:10am: Reptilian Agenda by Embryonic Devourment

2:12am: Riding On The Wind by Judas Priest Metal Up Your Ass

2:16am: Into The Dead Sky by At The Gates

2:18am: As Above So Below by Angel Witch

2:27am: Unleashing Hell by Blood Red Throne

2:33am: Lead To Desolation by Incantation

2:37am: Rusted Blood/Filth Chamber by Abcess

2:40am: Tormented by Abcess

2:42am: Holocaustic Church Devastation by Black Witchery

2:49am: Eventide by Black Anvil Brutality and destruction

2:50am: Rampage Radio With The Mighty Zee and Todd Owens Metal Up Your Ass

2:55am: Ascension Of The Deceased by Massacre

2:59am: Lifestyles by Poison Idea

3:02am: Dawn Of The New Centurian by HATRIOT

3:06am: Facing The Gorgon by Son Of Aurelius

3:10am: Demon\'s Gate by Candlemass

3:22am: As Above So Below by Mr Thumb

3:25am: Boxing A Ghost by Mr Thumb

3:31am: Shred by Overkill

3:35am: Rise From The Ashes/Brainwashed by Nuclear Assault

3:43am: Through The Triumphal Arch/Reforging the Crowns by Hour Of Penance

3:46am: And Then There Were None by Exodus

3:51am: Engulfed By Flames by VioLence

3:55am: Jihad by Slayer

3:58am: Alter Of Sacrifice/Jesus Saves by Slayer

4:08am: Call From The Grave by Bathory

4:12am: Hvis Lyset Tar Oss by Burzum

4:21am: Into The Crypts Of Rays by Celtic Frost

4:25am: Into The Mighty Forest by Satyricon

4:30am: Unsilent Storms In The North Abyss by Immortal

4:33am: A Blaze In The Northern Sky by Dark Throne

4:38am: Life Eternal by Mayhem

4:46am: Crowned Infernal by Sathanas

4:50am: Introibo ad Alatare Satanas by Gorgoroth

4:52am: Elder Race by Hate Forest

5:00am: lLeft To Die by Death

5:04am: As Loke Falls by Amon Amarth

5:09am: Gods Of Hate by Anger As Art

5:13am: Human Insecticide by Annihilator

5:18am: Curse In The Trees by Uncle Acid and The Deadbeats

5:23am: Bursting Out by Venom

5:25am: Positive Outlook by Youth Of Today

5:26am: Black Santa by The Red Chord

5:34am: Cycles Of Pain by Necrot

5:39am: Reborn/Black Forest by Hypocrisy

5:46am: Back To One by Obituary

5:50am: Eviscerated Offspring by Dying Fetus

5:55am: Wake Up Destroy by Warbringer

6:04am: Beyond Forlorn by Arsis

6:10am: Carnival Is Forever by Decapitated

6:19am: Cosmic Keys to my Creation and Time by Emperor

6:25am: Crucifier Avenged by Cannibal Corpse

6:29am: Death Of An Anarchist by Cathedral

Originally conceived by KUSF DJs Ron Quintana, Ian Kallen & Howie Klein, RAMPAGE RADIO has been assaulting the airwaves with metal and other noise on a weekly basis ever since its official birth on Sunday, March 6th, 1982