Rampage Radio
Podcast Episode #63 - Rampage Radio w/ the Prophet of Doom 6/15/2014 ~METAL FATHER'S DAY!~
June 15, 2014 @ 2:00am


Rampage Radio w/ the Prophet of Doom 6/15/2014 ~METAL FATHER'S DAY!~

"One father is more than a hundred schoolmasters." -George Herbert

Abandon All Hope Ye Who Enter Here:


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2:05am: Fuck The Ways Of Christ by Acheron

2:09am: Victims Beyond All Help by Besieged

2:13am: Crown Of Souls by Deeds of Flesh

2:18am: A Lesson In Violence by Exodus

2:21am: Losing My Insanity by Dio

2:27am: Laying Amongst The Rotten by Malignant Christ

2:31am: Omens by King Diamond

2:35am: Hierarchy of Hypocrisy by Christ Denied

2:40am: Desecration(Of The Heavenly Graceful) by Incantation

2:45am: Warlord by Lair Of The Minotaur

2:50am: God Is Dead? by Black Sabbath

3:04am: Shemhmforash (The Ultimate Blasphemy)

3:05am: Shemhmforash (The Ultimate Blasphemy) by Acheron

3:09am: O Father Sea by Ahab

3:16am: To Father's Cabin by Amorphis

3:21am: Father, You're No Father by Immolation

3:26am: Vehement Decimation by Pseudogod

3:30am: Hocus Corpus by Old Grandad

3:35am: Resurrectionists by Impaled

3:40am: Nietzsche by Judas Iscariot

3:49am: Coathanger Abortion by Pottymouth

3:52am: Swallow The World by Anaal Nathrakh

3:55am: Heterosexuals have the Right to Rock by The Mentors

4:05am: Blessed By Damnation by Acheron

4:11am: The Halls Of Eternity by Ancient

4:19am: Salvation Into Oblivion by Aosoth

4:23am: Part V: Breach by Trinacria

4:27am: Vindictive Armada Of Sodom by Embalmed

4:31am: Ghost House by Mortician

4:34am: Sarcophagus by Nile

4:39am: Abomination by Slugathor

4:46am: Infected Nation by Evile

4:51am: Remember The Fallen by Sodom

4:56am: Battered Bleeding Bitch by Anal Blast

4:58am: Ladies Man by Church Of El Duce

5:05am: Baptism For Devlyn Aleandra by Acheron

5:11am: The Preacher by Testament

5:14am: The White Light's Fall by Ars Manifestia

5:20am: Necrofuck Insania by Torture Eternal

5:25am: Mentally Afflicted by Vio-lence

5:42am: The Technigoat by Anaal Nathrakh

5:45am: Terror Division Bloodstrike by Bahimiron

5:51am: Hostis Humani Generis by Dead Congregation

5:54am: Wolf Moon by Type O Negative

6:05am: Total War by Acheron

6:10am: Hordes Of Zombies by Terrorizer

6:15am: The Gods Faeces by Sarcofago

6:38am: Haunting The Chapel by SLAYER

6:41am: Invocators Of The Nuclear Goat by Morbid Goat Fornicator

6:44am: The Devil\'s Mark by Kathonik

6:56am: The Family Ghost by King Diamond

7:03am: Wolf Against Serpent by Diocletian

7:07am: Lord Of The Void by Archgoat

7:13am: Carcinoma Angel by Benediction

7:16am: Goatvomit And Gamasks by Impaled Nazarene

7:20am: Gods Stand Aghast by Gorephilia

7:24am: Lord in Chains by Midnight

7:42am: Towards The Pantheon by Emperor

7:46am: United We Fall by Hypocrisy

7:51am: Escalate The Pestilence by Impiety

7:55am: Ignorance Is Bliss by Malignancy

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