Rampage Radio
Podcast Episode #66 - Rampage Radio 7/6/14 - w/ the Prophet of Doom - America! Fuck Yeah!
July 6, 2014 @ 2:00am



"When you're born you get a ticket to the freak show. When you're born in America, you get a front row seat." -George Carlin

Abandon All Hope Ye Who Enter Here:
OR Here:

2:05am: America Fuck Yeah by Team America

2:05am: Freedom Isn't Free by Team America

2:08am: True American Hate by Testament

2:14am: Speak English or Die by SOD

2:17am: One Shot, One Kill by Dying Fetus

2:22am: Gods Of War by Down Factor

2:27am: Doomsday Jesus by Black Label Society

2:31am: Donkey Dick by The Mentors

2:34am: Iron Head by Rob Zombie

2:38am: On March The Saints by Down

2:43am: Soulwrecker by Diesel Finger

2:45am: Shocker by Thrawtle

2:47am: Abominations by Morbid Angel

2:52am: Leprosy by Death

2:58am: Cinnamon Girl by Type O Negative

3:05am: AmericA Fuck Yeah by Team America

3:07am: Blood Of The Patriots by Down Factor

3:13am: Fuck The Middle East by SOD

3:14am: Native Blood by Testament

3:19am: Let ME by Diesel Finger

3:20am: Balls Deep In Puke by Thrawtle

3:22am: Shatter Their Bones by Cannibal Corpse

3:26am: Whip It Out by The Mentors

3:30am: Will That Never Dies by Crowbar

3:35am: Only A Woman by Team America

3:38am: Caught In A Mosh by Anthrax

3:42am: Berserkers by Black Label Society

3:48am: USA For USA by Carnivore

3:51am: Wretched by Terrorizer

3:54am: Servants Of The Warsmen by Winter

3:58am: Never Back Down by Throwdown

4:05am: AmericA Fuck Yeah by Team America

4:07am: Destroy The Opposition by Dying Fetus

4:11am: Superbeast by Rob Zombie

4:16am: 2nd Gear Scratch by Diesel Finger

4:18am: I'm So Ronery by Team America

4:19am: Battering Ram by Black Label Society

4:22am: World Wars III & IV by Carnivore

4:32am: The Cemetery\'s Full by Deceased

4:35am: Ritual Of Battle by Deeds Of Flesh

4:38am: No Paradise Awaits by Incantation

4:43am: Checkmate by Defiance

4:48am: Tota War by Acheron

4:51am: The Cold Earth Slept Below by Judas Iscariot

4:56am: Cat With Nine Claws by Soilent Green

5:05am: AmericA Fuck Yeah by Team America

5:06am: Putting A Jihad On You by Team America

5:11am: United Forces by SOD

5:14am: Seethe by Down Factor

5:19am: Till Death by Sevendust

5:23am: Bombs Over San Francisco by The Mentors

5:32am: The Heavens Drop With Human Gore by Judas Iscariot

5:33am: Enemy Of Gods by Lair Of The Minotaur

5:36am: Aren't You Hungry by MOD

5:40am: All Hallows Eve by Type O Negative

5:48am: Flag Of Victory by Vital Remains

5:59am: Master Exploder by Tenacious D

6:03am: AmericA Fuck Yeah by Team America

6:05am: Unadulterated Hatred by Dying Fetus

6:10am: Blinded by Down Factor

6:15am: Angry Neurotic Catholics by Carnivore

6:18am: Cloned (Day Of Robot) by Deceased

6:24am: Mark Of The Legion by Deeds Of Flesh

6:30am: Burning Temple by Lair Of The Minotaur

6:36am: Dead Men/Most/Captain Crunch by MOD

6:39am: Empty Throne by Ludicra

6:46am: No Justice by US Roughnecks

6:48am: Lost Paradise by US Roughnecks

6:50am: The Ibex Moon by Incantation

6:55am: Hell Awaits by Slayer

7:03am: AmericA Fuck Yeah by Team America

7:05am: Call To Arms by Exodus

7:07am: Riot Act by Exodus

7:11am: Murder The World by Down Factor

7:16am: Get A Real Job by MOD

7:18am: Infected Nation by Evilw

7:19am: Infected Nation by Evile

7:23am: The Sweet Tendor Meat Vendor by Macabre

7:28am: Parallels Of Infinite Torture by Disgorge

7:34am: Burning Your World by Fleshgrind

7:37am: Super Charger Heaven by White Zombie

7:41am: The Rise, The Fall by haarp

7:45am: Children Of A Worthless God by Exodus

7:52am: Miss America by Saving

7:53am: Miss America by Saving Abel

7:57am: America The Beautiful by Black Label Society

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