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Podcast Episode #67 - Rampage Radio - 7/13/2014 - with Verne Innhel
July 13, 2014 @ 2:00am


Rampage Radio-7/13/2014 - with Verne Innhel

"You have to show up in the World Cup, and in the World Cup anything can happen." -Lionel Messi

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-moment of silence for Tommy Ramone, R.I.P-

2:20am: RAMONES by Motorhead

2:21am: Hawk Emblem by Sabbrabells

2:23am: Larga Vida al Rock 'n' Roll by Baron Rojo

2:26am: Into the Night by Sweet Savage

2:32am: Blood, Guts and Beer by Tank

2:36am: Let It Burn by Sapphire

2:39am: Blood Machine by Brocas Helm

2:42am: Loving Woman by Junitoe

2:49am: Power Of the Trident by Trident

2:54am: Death Wish by Flatbacker

3:00am: 666 by Anvil

3:04am: Vampyre by Stone Vengeance

3:32am: Tonight by Girlschool

3:34am: Stage Fright by Witchfynde

3:41am: The Devil Rides Out by Reverend Bizarre

3:46am: Shoot Today Kill Tomorrow by Sodom

3:50am: Our Kingdom by Rage Of Samedi

4:07am: Rabies by Witchfinder General

4:10am: Back Street Woman by Jaguar

4:17am: Stand Up and Fight by Exciter

4:22am: The Theomachist by Isen Torr

4:29am: Children Of the Revolution by The Company

4:33am: Severe and Splice by Mordred

4:38am: Freeway by Hamada Mari

4:40am: Treason by A II Z

4:43am: Over the Top by Motorhead

4:47am: Warrior by Honjoh Misako

4:50am: Ridin' High by Persian Risk

4:53am: Messiah by Rie /Ibuki

5:04am: Roadracer by Loudness

5:04am: Gladiator by Gunbridge

5:30am: Peepin' Tom by The Mentors

5:35am: EVIL ROBO DJ

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