Rampage Radio
Podcast Episode #68 - Rampage Radio 7/20/14 - the ZODD show! w/ the Mighty Z! & Todd Owens
July 20, 2014 @ 2:00am


Rampage Radio 7/20/2014 - w/ the Mighty Z and Todd Owens

"Today begins a new order. Your lands, your possessions, your very lives, will gladly be given in tribute to me, General Zod. In return for your obedience, you will enjoy my generous protection. In other words, you will be allowed to live." -General Zod

Abandon All Hope Ye Who Enter Here:
OR Here:

2:05am: Fucking Metal Motherfuckers by Scepter

2:11am: Lowest Common Denominator by Scepter

2:13am: Ingesting Death by Obliteration

2:20am: The Walking Dead by From Hell

2:24am: Oppressor by Looks That Kill

2:32am: Murders In The Rue Morgue by Iron Maiden

2:36am: Withering Youth by Tragic Death

2:42am: Triumph Of Death by Vader

2:54am: Cannibal by Wretched

2:57am: Dark Matter Gods by Aggaloch

3:03am: Drag Migrator by Complete Failure

3:05am: Carved From Stone by Fallujah

3:10am: Spawn Of Flesh by God Macabre

3:20am: Tyranny by Destroyer 666

3:29am: King by Mr Thumb

3:32am: Blacklist by Exodus

3:42am: adapt or Die by Forbidden

3:44am: Desciples of The Watch (Live) by Testament

3:49am: Fade Away by Heathen

3:54am: Am I Evil by Metallica

4:07am: The Point Of You by Withem

4:10am: Echoless Chamber by Vektor

4:16am: The Last In Line by Tenacious D

4:23am: L.D.E. by Chris Poland

4:27am: No Trace Of Shame by Ulysses Siren

4:31am: Wisdom In The Meadows Of Sorrow by Tragodia

4:35am: Defend With Violence by Throwdown

4:46am: Davidian (Live) by Machine Head

4:52am: Children Of The Sea by Black Sabbath

4:56am: Dead Embryonic Cells by Sepultura

5:01am: Exciter by Judas Priest

5:06am: Choke Hold by The Haunted

5:13am: Suicide Nation by At The Gates

5:13am: Rip Ride by Venom

5:18am: Genocide by Venom

5:29am: Suffocated By Maggots by Contrast The Water

5:30am: Summarily Killed by Deeds Of Flesh

5:37am: Blunt Force Trauma by Dying Fetus

5:38am: Erased by The Abscence

5:43am: Meat by Autopsy

5:50am: Behold From Hell To Vengeance by Nocturnal

6:03am: the Hitchhiker by Kai W

6:07am: Where its at by Leonard Nimoy

6:10am: Soulcraft by Bad Brains

6:13am: Chimes At Midnight by Mastodon

6:18am: I.E.D. by Killer Be Killed

6:23am: Sword Of Damocles by Judas Priest

6:28am: Coconut Dracula by Islander

6:32am: Welcome To M World by Infinita Symphonia

6:34am: Coalition by Iceage

6:37am: Half Way Home by I, Omega

6:40am: Overcome Yourself by Helia

6:53am: alien by Maximum The Hormone

6:56am: Clubbing To Death by Gorevent

6:59am: When My Devil Rises by Man With A Mission

7:06am: Epoch Of Barbarity by Internal Bleeding

7:10am: Killing Victims Found by OBITUARY

7:15am: Once Upon The Cross by Deicide

7:21am: The Arrival Of The Demons/Killing Art by Hypocrisy

7:29am: Free Fix For A Fuck by Mentors

7:32am: The Pallid Surgeon by Earth Crisis

7:35am: Symphony Of The Night by Dragonforce

7:40am: Numb by DGM

7:45am: The Queen of Steel by Dead Earth Politics

7:50am: The Nectar by Corrosion Of Conformity

7:53am: Our Explanation by Blast

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